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      Last updated April 2018

Youth at Studnt March

The New Generation

Treading the Path

Time to Shine

A New Morning for the World

New Morning for the World

Yin Yang Symbol - Red and Blue The Soul of Humanity as World Savior
Constellation of Aquarius Loving Understanding
Radical Love for Animals
Seedling Birthing the Sacred  
Misty Meadow Love Lies on the Border of the New World
The Fifth Kingdom and the New World
Release of Light (cropped) The Release of Light into a Darkened World
Giselle Meet Giselle
What is Art Mandela What is Art?
Alchemy A Synthesis of Alchemy
Derrick Quinn & Andrea Stormes The Children Who Lead
Meditation Blance Body ~ Mind ~ Soul:  Right Alignment Through Meditation
Light of Heaven Hierarchy of Love and Wisdom
The Evolutionary Plan The Evolutionary Plan
Buddhist Heaven Great Ones
Nautilus with Fibonacci Spiral A Glimpse of the Divine Plan
Jesus in the Clouds What did Jesus Really Mean?
Untitled - Dorje JinpaDorje's Painting 2 Essence of Beauty
Birth - Camilo Villanueva The Soul's Journey in the Art of Camilo Villanueva
Mandala - Tantric Symbols Lessons from a Realm Between Death and Life
Arms of Compassion A Thousand Arms of Compassion
Aries Constellation Urgent Truths
Celtic Cross Three Spiritual Realities
Recognition of the Soul Recognition of the Soul
She Who Leads The Spiritual Hierarchy
Coming Home All is Well at the Center
Sombrero Galaxy The Inevitability of the Plan
Advances Souls Advanced Souls and the Coming Age
City of Light City of Light
ETAOL Unzipped ETAOL Unzipped
The Coming Avatar The Coming Avatar
Mystery of 12.21.2012 Mystery of December 21, 2012
Beauty - Doorway into Light Beauty - Doorway into the World of Light
Antahkarana - Francis Donald Bridge to the Inner World of Light
Connecting Heaven and Earth Connecting Heaven and Earth 
Power of Beauty Power of Beauty—Ginger Gilmore
On the Threshold On the Threshold—A Wisdom Forum
Aurora - ETAOL Entering the Age of Light
Christ in Aquarius - Water Bearer Christ in Aquarius
Lightening Bolt - Unspoken Questions Unspoken Questions about the Divine
Free Energy & Consciousness Free Energy and Consciousness
Cosmic Whisperings 2011 Cosmic Whisperings of the New Earth 2011
What is Going On?  Image of Earth What's Really Going On Here?  An Esoteric View
Philosopher's Stone The Soul as Philospher's Stone
Cosmic Whisperings 2010 Cosmic Whisperings of the New Earth 2010
Einstein & the 7 Rays Einstein on the Seven Rays
Forging the Link Building the Bridge of Light
Pondeables Ponderables
Fruits of Suffering The Fruits of Suffering
Chain of Being Our Place in the Great Chain of Being
Discerning Truth & the Divine Plan Discerning Truth and the Divine Plan
Money as Service Using Money as Service
The Lost Symbol The Lost Symbol and the Ageless Wisdom
Cosmic Toons Cosmic Toons
Artists & the Flow of Spirit Artists and the Flow of Spirit into the World
Two Facets of God Two Facets of God:  The Buddha and the Christ
God the Sustainer God the Sustainer:  Spiritual Ecology
Way of the Buddha Living as a Soul:  A Strategy for these Times
News Flashes News Flashes of a New Time
The Way of the Intuition The Way of the Intuition
Greatest Secret The Greatest Secret of All
Knowing You've Lived Before Knowing You've Lived Before  (Rebirth)
Yoga of Now The Yoga of Now
Signs of Aquarius Signs of Aquarius
In Transition In Transition
Deeper Meanings Deeper Meanings
Synchronicity and the Soul Synchronicity and the Soul
The Middle Way The Middle Way
Elephant Going Animal Souls
Drowning - Nancy Wait Art of Transformation
Song of Woman Art of Woman
Eye of the Soul Eye of the Soul
One Humanity One Humanity
The Divine Feminine The Divine Feminine
The Path of Transformation The Path of Transformation