On the Threshold

Thank God our time is now when wrong

Comes up to face us everywhere,
Never to leave us till we take
The longest stride of soul we ever took.
Affairs are now soul size.

~ Christopher Fry (1907-2005)
 from "A Sleep of Prisoners


A Wisdom Forum


These well-known lines of Christopher Fry resound with a new immediacy in our time.  They were written more than a half-century ago, in the days before our collective awakening, when ‘soul’ was more often a vague allusion to something grander in the human being than a budding experiential reality.  Now, at this pivotal moment, the poet’s words pierce like a sword of truth, imploring us to really see the scale of ‘wrong’ facing us, and to respond from the level of Soul.

In these unfamiliar times, the future hides its face from us.  Many sense a phase shift on the horizon, knowing we can no longer predict what will be, based on what has come before.  There is an awareness of living inside an unfolding mystery, and an intuitive sense that the key to unraveling the mystery lies within the human spirit.  It is as if we are groping toward a new world together, with the light of the soul as our compass and guide.

Of all the many qualities of the spiritual Self, one of the most telling is an awareness of being connected to all living beings, an awareness that gives rise to the willingness to collaborate, share, and serve.  Such willingness made this ‘wisdom forum’ possible.  In the spirit of service, the writers generously offered their reflections on living through this unprecedented time—a time when all we know for certain is that we’re standing on the threshold of a new era.  Crossing it, to borrow the words of the poet, will require “the longest stride of soul we ever took.”

There is a deep reservoir of thought and insight in the writings that follow.  Whether you read the whole set or selected articles, the nature of this transition time will come into clearer focus.  Each contribution is uniquely wrought from a particular set of life experiences and perspectives.  But the emergence of common themes reveals the reality that the soul is 'group conscious.'  May these individual reflectiions and the forum as a whole shed greater light on our collective journey.

Nancy Seifer
August 2012

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Gita Brooke  ~  Thresholds 

"Life will live.  And conscious life will transform and make things new."

Steve Nation  Crossing the Threshold into Wholeness

"Either we pass through the doorway or we turn our back on the
wholeness paradigm."

Judith Rich  ~  The Future of Awareness

Humanity is already moving into a new paradigm, even as we are standing in the rubble of the old one's demise.”

Rolland Smith  A Time of Wonder

"And so, these are exciting times for those who choose to be aware."

Bob Svihovec  Are We There Yet?

"We move together from the dark ages of evolutionary bumbling to a
spiritually magnetized development."

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee  Darkness to Light

"At this time of transition, as humanity deepens its self-destructive nightmare, the light of the sacred is calling to us and we can still respond."

Martin Vieweg  ~  Our Extraordinary Future

"We stand on the threshold of recognizing the reality of our true nature as human beings— as thinkers and as co-creators with divinity."

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