2012 - World Servers Video


2012 — World Servers Festival Week

(an 8-mintue video) 

Kathy Newburn explains the significance of the Festival Week:

There is much talk about the spiritual significance of this year— 2012—particularly the solstice period in December.  This short video highlights some of the key points of the year’s spiritual significance, the most important of which is called the World Servers Festival Week in the ageless wisdom.  This week, which takes place from December 21-28, occurs every seven years.  It is a time when powerful spiritual energies pour into our planet, finding particular resonance within a segment of humanity known as ‘the new group of world servers.’  The ‘members’ of this subjective group are people of goodwill, dedicated to service and planetary upliftment in all the many fields of endeavor.  They are shifting their identity from self-server to world server—seeing beyond their own small world and responding to the world in need.

At the core of this group are individuals aware of the oneness of the human family, the divine Plan of evolution leading us forward, and the existence of a spiritual Hierarchy with which we can cooperate.  It is the task of core members to hold the vision of the plan before the “eye of humanity,” using the stimulation received during this week to enable the group to “keep the Plan progressing.”  The core group is responsible for formulating ideas that will help the kingdoms of Earth move forward into a fuller expression of their essential divinity.  Despite all the doomsday prophecies of what might possibly occur during this week, what’s most important is that the group works to transmit a vision of the divine Plan to awakening humanity.  

As stated, this Festival Week takes place every seven years.  It is said, however, that if ever the full moon occurs during this period, the week takes on tremendous potency.  This December the full moon falls on December 28th, therefore the opportunities for spiritual expansion are exponentially magnified.  Humanity stands at a tipping point;  the members of the new group can help to shift the balance towards the light.

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Please join us in aiding this planetary shift by sounding the Mantram of the New Group of World Servers each day at five o’clock in the afternoon, no matter where you might be in the world:

May the Power of the One Life
pour through the group of all true servers.

May the Love of the One Soul
characterize the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones.

May we fulfill our part, in the One Work,
through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech.



Kathy Newburn, author of the text for this video, worked for many years at the Lucis Trust and the Seven Ray Institute and continues to work to help bring the Ageless Wisdom teachings into wider public recognition.  She currently lives in New York city.  She is the author of A Planetary Awakening. www.kathynewburn.com


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