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      Just after the last World War, a Master of Wisdom, Djwhal Khul, told his students what was required to avoid another planetary catastrophe. Writing through his amanuensis, Alice A. Bailey, the Tibetan Master said that it was essential for evolving humanity to recognize the world of spiritual realities lying behind the outer world of physical appearances.  

      He emphasized three realities in particular. The first is the existence of the Soul—the higher self which senses upon awakening that all lives are part of an interpenetrating, interdependent, inseparable planetary whole. The second reality, perceived in the light of the soul, is that a divine Plan for Earth’s evolution is working out into manifestation—bringing light out of darkness and good out of evil. The third reality is that within the Fifth Kingdom in nature, the Kingdom of Souls, there dwells a spiritual Hierarchy of enlightened Beings who are actively involved in laying the foundations for the next stage of the Plan.  By overshadowing the minds of awakening human beings, They foster the impulse for a new world—born of the light and love of the divine Soul.
      The awakened soul recognizes that we are not alone and that a Grand Design is working out.  The more these realities take root in human minds, the greater will be our chances of defeating the forces of darkness and of anchoring the emerging forces of light. 

      Toward this end, we would like to bring your attention to several articles on these subjects that were written for this website.  While all the essays and art works on this site reflect the light of the souls who graciously contributed them (starting in 2008), the articles in the list below are targeted to the urgency of this time of transition into a new world.  

      In the love and light of the One Soul,

      Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg



Three Recognitions

The Soul

The Spiritual Hierarchy

The Plan



In early 2014 we received a poignant letter from a reader of When the Soul Awakens in Ireland, Rosanna Kirwan.  It struck a chord in us and we are pleased to share an excerpt here.


Hell Fire Club Forests

Dublin, Ireland

January 17th

On Tuesday last my friend and I went up to the mountains.  The mountain we walked up has an old stone house at the top.  It’s called The Hellfire Club and there is a lot of folklore about this building, mainly negative.  However I consider the mountain as a Holy place.  I actually felt the presence of St. Francis of Assisi there a few years ago.

We used the ascent for sharing and the descent for silence.

I brought When the Soul Awakens to read from a chapter and for reflection.

The day was bitterly cold and we couldn't sit down anywhere because the earth was very damp. We decided to stand at the gable wall of this old building and I randomly chose a chapter, which turned out to be "Soul Awareness." So picture the scene—there were forests to the right, in front, and to the back of us, and to the left we could see for miles, right out to the coastline.  I felt so blessed and realised this chapter was so right in this setting:  "The soul, perceiving through a higher sense, looks inward to the world of spiritual reality and recognizes that its essential being, along with the inner being of all forms, is inseparable from the seamless web of life in our universe."

We walked down in silent meditation and when we got home we did some exercises on chakra balancing.

Last night I went to see the film 12 Years a Slave and while part of me wonders why I would want to pay money to see a stark portrayal of "Man's Inhumanity to Man," and thus leaving myself with a troubled mind, I was very inspired by the inner light and faith of the character "Solomon," very like Viktor Frankl in Man's Search for Meaning.  In my opinion both of these people were blessed with "Soul Awareness."

[The images above are of the Hellfire Club, Dublin, Ireland.]

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