~ Rolland G. Smith ~

"And so, these are very exciting times for those
who choose to be aware."


Spirituality is having the courage to embrace a nagging knowing within all cells of our bodies.  Our inner light is being summoned to blend with the eternal light of All That Is.  We are being called to be aware.

It does not mean we throw away the belief foundations of our birth. It means we open up our belief systems to include the wonder and awareness of light and inner knowing.

And so, these are very exciting times for those who choose to be aware.


         Would that we could see far beyond the eye
         To where the mind oft goes to be alone,
         Where mystery blends with thoughts that never die,
         And magic melts the ice of what’s unknown.

         The miracle of mind is what’s not seen
         Except when artists' hands can clearly show
         The universe and time set in between
         The silence and the thought—a vast tableau.

         What greater gift is there, but to create
         And greet imagination at its core.
         It is in bringing forth that we await
         The opening of wonder at the door.
         The mind is just the hook to hold the thought
         Before we let it go and what it’s wrought.

For some these words will be a pleasant poem.  For others they will evoke a spiritual passion of knowing.  It does not matter which is the choice of understanding for sequence to the light is never hierarchical it is only personal.

The first is last and the last is first.  A phrase of spectacular truth in the realms of understanding beyond this density.


                    What is our spirit telling us?
                    When we true listen to its words?
                    Is it a truth where we adjust
                    Or phrases for the bees and birds? 

                    Both what I know and what I think
                    Are different from my thoughtful mind
                    Where thinking oft connotes a wink,
                    But knowing is a thought refined.

                    The Masters always speak of Now
                    And let the past and future go.
                    Be elegant and disavow
                    The thoughts that hold to long ago.

                    Illusion is the ego’s force
                    A construct of our human mind.
                    It 'tis a path and compass course
                    For sleepy souls of humankind.

                    The Masters tell us to awake
                    And thus embrace the inner heart
                    And live the NOW to not forsake
                    What spirit’s heart will true impart.

And so, these are exciting times for those who choose to be aware.

Have you not noticed the changes in our global environments?  Do you think the changes in the Middle East are only political?  Have you not felt the tugging within your being that brings you to an appreciation of sunsets, vistas, music, art and architecture that was not there a short time ago?  Have you not been contacted from the inner side and dismissed it as imagination?

Welcome to a planetary initiation of cosmic proportions. Gatherings, concerts, and even the daily sordid stories of the media announce that change is evident and immutable.

These are the times of prophecy fulfilled.  These are the manifestations of ancient auguries.  We live in new times of wonder and we chose it long ago. Step aside of fear and watch the universe unfold into an ecstasy of creation.

I am me and I am you, as you are me and we are ONE with All and All That Is.

This moment is an on-going invitation for all of us to be courageous.  To be true to ourselves.

It is an invitation to share a mythical journey by seeing our own passage through the sharing of stories, conversations, service and inquiry.

We are all prodigal children who, as adults, may return to the comfort of innocence by questioning the choices that bring each of us to this moment in life.

Every journey, in order to ultimately embrace the truth of who we are and to shed the illusions of life and time, must slay the daily dragons in the caves of self creation.  But dragons cannot be slain with the social weapons of today:  cell phones, briefcases, contracts, jobs, or even atavistic beliefs embedded in human history.  Illusionary dragons are slain by peeling away the material attachments of stuff and connecting once again to the source, to the divinity within each of us as us.

Each moment as we pass through each other’s lives and thoughts, we are a reminder to the other that we can find our authentic selves only by going within to the still point of the divine and then as we return to the daily demands of life; to a living, sometimes expressed in suits and dresses, in events and duty, in noise and fear; we take with us the knowing that only through unconditional love, public and private appreciation of things beautiful, can we find the solace of the Source.

We might choose to remember when we are mired in the density of frustration and the tears of emotion, we are more than we seem.  We are the culmination of genetic sediment upon which is built the self via experience and personal memory.

I believe each of us receives guidance and blessings from spirits who live forever in the eternal light and in the angelic realms of inspirational belief and counsel.

These guides, these spirits, if you will, collectively ask that we remember the divine rhythm; remember it through our chants and prayers, through the observed beauty and profound grace of this planet and they ask us to dance the life dance that links us to the Source, to the All That Is, to the beneficence of so many names.  They ask that we forget old hates, prejudices, fears, and retributions that we may have been taught for they are the absolute illusions that keep the dragons alive.

And so, these are exciting times for those who choose to be aware.


Rolland Smith has nearly 50 years of broadcast and television production experience (including the post of news anchor for CBS-TV in New York), for which he received eleven Emmy awards.  He received numerous other Emmy nominations from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his abilities as anchorman, commentator, reporter, writer and producer.  Currently he writes and anchors documentaries for independent television outlets, and writes a daily blog on topics of interest from poetry to politics. www.rollandsmith.blogspot.com

Rolland is also the author of three books of poetry and commentary.



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