Art of Transformation



Paintings by Nancy Wait



The way of transformation is a difficult path.  It demands the courage to face the shadow side, wrestle with the lower self, and re-orient to light and higher purpose.  First the purifying waters of experience test and nearly drown the seeker; then the fires of “the burning ground” cleanse and burn away that which hinders light.

The awakening soul presses onward, braving the fire, balancing the opposites, treading the “narrow razor-edged path.” As consciousness expands, the portal to a world beyond opens before the inner eye.

Nancy Wait is an artist, a writer, and a seeker. Her paintings—born of deep inner experience—capture the trials and triumphs that mark the spiritual quest. In brilliant color, shape, and form she expresses dimensions of the path in a way that words alone cannot do.

Beneath each painting,  Nancy offers captions describing their essence.







To the mask of the outer persona the world seems
chaotic, fragmented, in disarray.





The Self, bare of camouflage, trusting the instinctive world
of the subconscious, surrenders to waves of change.





Facing the disparate selves of the personality,
"the dark night of the soul" becomes a burning dance.




 Song to Jung

On the journey within, the masculine and feminine energies,
Jung's animus/anima, become integrated, forming a new wholeness.





As consciousness grows and evolves,
the soul frees itself into a world of light and energy.





Finally, having reached that point of balanced Oneness,
a portal opens to another dimension.
  A world beyond.


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