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      We dedicate this webpage to the sharing of wisdom from readers—wisdom that comes from the crucible of spiritual living.  Below are “sparks of light” in what we hope will become a living flame—the collective radiance of many kindred souls.  Each new light, each inspired thought, can lead us closer to the same timeless goal—an understanding of the nature of the human soul.  We trust that this sharing of wisdom will help to illumine the path at this crucial moment in human evolution.


 Timeless Reflections

 I am a wave on the ocean of life.

Somewhere in the fathomless depths

I am born into the earth.

Part of the whole, yet distinctly individual.

Unique in my appointed purpose.

Pulsating as life moves on,

I gather momentum.

And then in the ripeness of time,

Make my splash on the sands of life.

Then gently flow back to the source

From whence I came.

                                                       Helga Torda
                                                     Reston VA



The Awakening of Earth


Standing together

  on the threshold of time

between a past that is dying

  and a future yet blind


endless rounds

  of sorrow and pain

having wrought their work

  not being in vain


eternal longing

  from ages untold

piercing the darkness

  becoming bold


rising from the labyrinth

  transcending the mind

echoing down

  the corridors of time


door after door

  opening wide

veil after veil

  drawing aside


once-blind eyes

  beginning to see,

ancient wounds healing,

  hearts breaking free


leaving behind

  human pride and fear

finally now

  peace draws near


recalling the promise

  made long ago

the moment approaching

  for all Creation to know


the expectant universe

  waiting to hail

the great gift emerging

  from Earth’s travail


mighty companions

  wise ones of old

blessing the moment

  their truth now told


destiny approaching

  from the farther shore

the shadows giving way

  death is no more


joy and pain

  penetrating deep

loving surrender

  unquestioning,  complete


from the Earth’s body

  battered and torn

a new truth coming forth

  new reality born


revealing the mystery

  of body and soul

the great web of life

  becoming whole


oh wondrous emergence

  oh gift of grace

come joyful reunion

  come sacred embrace


all beings of the Earth

  children of the Sun

blessed awakening

  we know we are one!


Betsy MacGregor
Whidbey Island, WA 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The Eagle

Free as an Eagle flies am I.

And like the Eagle - soar I through the heavens

and see the whole, the Earth as One.

Her peoples and her lands, her winds and seas

unite in one vast tapestry of Life.

And where discordant energies are viewed

the fabric warps, and maybe rents.

And then the Seamstress comes with Golden Thread

to join the Fields of Light

through which the realms of nothingness protrude.

And from my Eagle’s Eye - I see these scars

that once enveloped Earth in such unseemly fashion

have all been touched by Golden Light

that healeth all.

And no place rests upon this perfect Jewel that’s not starlit

with crystalline perfection

that was ignited and brought forth - from inside out

as all the wounds were healed

and Freedom’s Song was heard across the land

that knew itself once more as Love.

Sananjaleen June Hughes



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Energy Unseen       


Have you been there?

  The center where no hate lives?

    Where there is naught but Love?

       Have you felt It?

         Raw-sun radiant joy?

Love that never needs an object?

  On all and e’er it shines,

    a Love that births compassion

      where land our earthly eyes.

We think we’re out just walking

  in sun or clouds hung low

    while we swim through seas of color,

      through vibrations high and low.

We see not yet the truth of it

   Our sighted eyes are blind

    to energies that buoy us—

      and those that only bind.


          Sharon K. Richards, author
          Word Songs from My Soul


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                   



 My soul
    can share the knowledge of the ages!
    All truth can soul unlock!
And me?
       I wind the clock.

I go about my business
       eating apples, cooking eggs.
I dust the mantle,
       vacuum floors
while my soul just waits
  and wonders
        why I ignore its call.

Meditation place sits empty

  cuz I must clean the hall—
   and answer all my email
    and call my mother soon and pay all bills outstanding
and rush to make the bridge game
  that starts at half past noon.

     Human need lies out there.
God’s Plan all dusty waits.
But I must clean my closet
   before the clock strikes eight.

And then, of course, there’s laundry
  and news at six and ten,
    phone calls to schedule check ups
then calls to all my friends.

A walk to keep me healthy,
   concealer to hide the flaws.
Don’t forget to shower
   wash my hair and trim my paws.

   Turn up and down the music.
Where do the hours go?
I have accomplished nothing
   toward the purpose of my soul.

          Sharon K. Richards, author 
          Word Songs from my Soul




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