New Morning for the World




The poems of Don Turner capture this momentous
time in evolution 
with rare spiritual insight.  

The poet makes an impassioned plea for us to awaken to the
new world of light and enter it consciously,
courageously and unreservedly.

A New Dawn

A New Morning for the World

It's early morning on a new day for the earth
A tangible peace pervades that soothes and gives hope
Somehow, despite the strife and conflict in the world
A hushed calm is present and a presence unannounced
Is here now in this moment like a savior.

If we can leave our old mind and be open
We will notice a new light that is breaking through
We've heard about this new time
The prophets and sages have told us that it's coming
Why should we be surprised when the first rays appear
Yet it is something different, a new world
Can be felt in the light emerging
And a new age for the earth
It's time to let our conflicts go
It's time to take control back from those who would mislead us
It's time to affirm brotherhood and the rights of all to life
It's time to affirm our oneness
And our union with the spiritual world emerging now
The age of separation is over
The birth of the divine Light is happening now.

Just a random moment in time − 
                                          that changes everything

you were just calmly sitting in your chair

When a shimmering light began to cohere before you,
Until within its brightening glow
A radiant man materialized
And lo, he said, Blessings, I bring you tidings
And remembrance of who you really are
And of the work you are to do.
And then he described to you the true nature
Of this life and world, so different from the earthly view.
Would you say no this couldn't be
That you prefer the dreams of earth when
You might awaken?
So is it when we are touched by spirit
And realize that there is another level of reality
And truth more real behind this worldly skein.
What choice really is there between truth and dreams,
Between true life and worldly glamours?
And though your neighbors, family and friends said no
That couldn't be, who would you believe?
The testimony of the blind and confused
Or your eyes, your heart and your spirit
That together attest the truth.
Religions aren't just for the hoary past
The truth therein is still true
And though our modern world
Has forgotten the ancient living gods
They are still there, waiting
Until it's time for us
To awaken.

Christ and the Leper

"Christ Healing the Leper" by Herman Rednick

Prayer for Humanity

O Lord, save us!
Save us from our inhumanity,
Our violence, our complacency,
Our selfishness and sloth.
Save us from our comforts, our distractions,
Our foolishness and our fear.
Save us from old habits and ingrained thoughts,
From ugliness, from hatred, from ignorance,
From our small lives and petty concerns.
The world cries out, we suffer,
We harm ourselves and know not how to live.
We know not what we reach out to
But we call out in our pain, grief and dismay-
O Lord help us!
We suffer and reach out to You!
Help us to do our part,
To give up old ways
And open to Your Will for us,
That we may act with love and concern for all
To become who we truly are
As expressions of Your Life,
To give our life to You
And fulfill Your Plan for the Earth.

From Out of Darkness

Who is it in darkest night, alone
Standing on the rock, the stillness pervasive,
Embracing life shining through the starry vault above
Lost to any personal sense or thought
Yet withal, turning back to earth
Hearing the woeful cries of supplication and despair
Embracing all earth life in His heart
Pouring into each one love and light
Extending to each a guiding ray
Knowing each will awake from the bondage of form
From the voyage through temporal life.
We have been lost and alone,
The unspoken truth hidden and disguised
But we are sensing the light, feeling the love
And reaching for the hand proffered
Looking around will see we are not alone.
In the pale light of a virgin dawn
The hush of an angel host can be felt
Moving within, preparing for this long planned–for time
Carrying out His Plan, waiting for the moment when
The veil will be drawn back for all to see
A new world of light breaking upon the earth!


"Master and Disciple" by Herman Rednick

The Truth

Unless it is eternal it is not the Truth
But a passing thought,
Unless it's beautiful it is not the Truth
But an emotion formed in fear and ignorance,
Unless it lives, inspires and gives life
It is not the Truth but a falsehood and a dream,
Unless it radiates love, joy and peace
It is not the Truth, but another human conception —
That the world is full of such truths
Only shows us the nature of our world —
Yet we may awaken — the spirit prompts us.
When we look at the horrors around us
The spirit says awaken to your Truth —
This needn't be so.
Suffering is a divine mechanism that prompts us to let go,
To heed the call of humanity's cries
And free ourselves.
We have let ourselves be controlled by fear
But the Truth is we can't be harmed and are eternal —
Embrace this Truth and live
Express your Truth and Be
Sing your song, and add your note to the divine chorus.
The Truth isn't found in words but in the spirit prompting
In the moment, now,
Open up, free your mind, and journey forth,
And as the changing colors of the living sky
Reflect the Truth and Beauty of Life,
Embody it and let It perfect you.

Don Turner
is a therapist and theosophist who lives in Seattle, Washington.  The poems that appear above are part of a collection entitled, "The Pregnant Silence."  []

Herman Rednick (1902-1985) was a visionary artist and spiritual teacher of the path of love and service.  Information about his paintings & writings and meditation center in northern New Mexico can be found at: and