The Great Chain of Being


Our Place in the Great Chain of Being





As the new age unfolds, we will come to know our place in the Great Chain of Being.  We will recognize the Kingdom of Souls, from which the Great Ones guide our evolution, and will learn to serve the lesser kingdoms on Earth in fulfillment of the divine Plan.
                                                "The Divine Plan"





In the wisdom teachings, our Earth is viewed as a conscious Life—a unitary system of interpenetrating and interactive lives.  All kingdoms in nature, including the human kingdom, co-exist within this one multidimensional organism.  Not long ago, in a radical departure from previous scientific thinking, pioneering biologists made the bold assertion that Earth is an integrated and self-regulating system.  What the Ageless Wisdom reveals is that consciousness of many kinds and levels gives order to this system.

Earth itself is the embodiment of a consicous Being known as the Planetary Logos in these teachings.  Among the many names given to this Being are:  the Lord of our World, the Divine Thinker, the Oversoul, and God.  Each name evokes the existence of a conscious Being who oversees and directs the lifestream of our planet. 

This idea is unsettling to many spiritual seekers.  Old notions of God remain anathema to many, and new ones have not yet taken hold.  The result is a paradox:  there is a growing awareness that Earth is evolving, yet little understanding that the process is being guided--that conscious Beings are directing the course of evolution of the planetary Life in which we exist.

Chain of BeingThe fact that human consciousness is evolving collectively is now evident to countless awakening souls.  Many are aware that other kingdoms of life are also developing greater sentiency.  Less known is the fact that human consciousness is evolving in a particular direction, for a particular purpose, under the guidance of members of the spiritual Kingdom.  These Beings are guided, in turn, by the purpose of the Planetary Logos—the creative life force of Earth.

Everything occurring in our world, both creative and destructive, is related to the working out of the evolutionary purposes of our Logos.  We are told that this Divine Being is presently undergoing a dramatic expansion of consciousness.  It is moving, along with the Sun and other planets in our solar system, into a higher vibratory field in the cosmos.  Every living cell on our small planet is being affected by the inflow of subtle, cosmic, evolutionary forces.

The most visible result of this process is destruction on the material  plane, but the hidden cause is the expansion of consciousness.  Both form and consciousness are subject to the laws of evolution.  If a "unit of consciousness" expands and the physical form housing it cannot adapt to the growth of inner light, that form will eventually break to release the consciousness trapped within it.  This principle applies to every form on the material plane—a human being, a nation, or a civilization.

The wave of destruction sweeping across the planet is acting to accelerate the liberation of consciousness from outgrown patterns of living and outworn ideas about the reason for being alive—ideas that have dominated our species from the time of its origins until the latter 20th century, when new inflowing cosmic energies first began to make themselves felt.  For eons, we have perceived life through the concrete mind, our instrument for navigating the physical world of form.  We have experienced life as separate beings—isolated from one another, from people of different races, religions, genders, nations; and from other species in the planetary web of life.

The radical change taking place in our times is that many of us are now seeing life through a higher level of mind—the abstract mind utilized by the soul as it awakens and senses a higher reality.  Through the higher mind we realize that the material appearance of separate forms conceals a subtle ocean of interpenetrating energies—a vast and seamless flow of life enfolding all living beings.

The soul makes us aware of the higher mind as an instrument for becoming a conscious link in the Great Chain of Being.  It is the means by which the soul, while in incarnation, penetrates the subtle worlds of spirit.  From these higher realms, experienced by the soul and registered by the mind and brain, illumined guides and teachers impress advanced human beings with ideas that fuel the tide of evolution.

We are told that the commingling of thought between human and spiriutal kingdoms will become common as the Aquarian Age unfolds.  Human beings will play the role of mediators between the spiriutal kingdoms and the lesser kingdoms (animal, plant, and mineral) by developing the higher capacities of the mind and the intuition.  It is predicted that human minds will register core elements of the divine plan and work in cooperation with the Guides of the Race to realize the evolutionary purposes of the Planetary Logos.

This vision is not as far-fetched as it may seem.  The teachings explain that the "building blocks" of the divine plan are ideas held in the mind of God.  Every major change in the course of human history can be traced to divine ideas that were first registered by spiritual intuitives and later disseminated widely.  Freedom, brotherhood, human rights, peace and the common good are divine ideas that have influenced the course of events and fostered expansions in human consciousness.

The central evolutionary Idea of our time, now being registered by countless souls, is the oneness of humanity and of all living beings.  Since the start of the millennium it has spread across the globe in spite of (or because of) growing cleavages in the material world.  Receptivity to this idea is evidence that the soul of humanity is awakening and with it, so is the higher level of mind.  Lacking access to this means of higher perception, humanity has been the missing link in the planetary chain of consciousness.

It is said that our species has a great spiritual purpose to fulfill in the coming age as participants in the Great Chain of Being.  To fulfill this purpose we have to know the true nature of the higher Self and develop its potentials.  Human beings have to be able to enlist the higher mind to build a bridge in consciousness to our planet's Spiritual Hierarchy—the source from which we receive the ideas that will inspire the new Aquarian culture and civilization.

The collective Soul of Humanity has begun to make itself manifest in our world.  The divine idea that we are part of one Life, the single life of our planet, is even finding adherents in previously hostile quarters.  In the coming era, as new ideas fueling the stream of evolution are impressed on human minds by the Divine Thinker, we will come to know ourselves as conscious links in the Great Chain of Being.


Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg    [April 2010]

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