Building the Bridge of Light

  Building the Bridge of Light   

 . . . to a New World




To the great surprise of most people, the back of the American dollar bill features a cornucopia of esoteric symbols.  One of these symbols alludes to the evolutionary task for humanity in the coming era.  Concealed in this improbable place, to the left of “The Great Seal of the United States,” is the mysterious image of a pyramid whose capstone hovers above it in the sky.  Hiding in plain sight, this image contains a prophectic message that can be deciphered in the light of the ageless wisdom.  


In esoteric symbology, pyramids represent the convergence of heaven and earth—or the fusion of spirit and matter.  The enigma surrounding this particular pyramid is the gap between the stone of the base and the floating capstone, which radiates light from the “All-Seeing Eye of Providence.”  If we consider the fact that stone vibrates at the lowest frequency of matter, and light vibrates at the vastly higher frequency of spirit, we find a clue to the meaning of the gap.  It suggests a discrepancy in vibrational frequencies between spirit and matter.

Forging the Link
The key that unlocks the symbol's meaning can be found in the Latin words on the circular scroll below the base of the pyramid:  Novus Ordo Seclorum or New Order of the Ages.  Image and words together seem to say that the new order of the ages will result from closing the gap between the base (of matter) and the capstone (of spirit).   The visionaries among America’s Founding Fathers who created the symbol evidently held the ideal of a new world order born of infusing matter with the light of spirit, while realizing that the existing breach between the two would have to be closed in order to manifest that high ideal.


Judging by appearances, many would say that humanity has moved in the opposite direction from the enlightened new order to which this symbol points.  In the centuries since the American project was born the values of our society have retrogressed in spiritual terms.  The material forces of our nation and planet have overwhelmed the founding values of this nation to the extent that the present order may be on an irreversible course toward self-destruction.  But the Ageless Wisdom presents another scenario for the future, along with a timeframe for the emergence of higher consciousness that must precede the building 'the new order of the ages.'

These teachings tell us that evolutionary forces have been seeding the consciousness of humanity during vast stretches of time, preparing for this moment of spiritual awakening.  A
spark of mind implanted in human beings back in the mists of time, nurtured through innumerable lifetimes of experience, has recently been quickened by an inflow of cosmic energies and forces preparing human consciousness for the birth of a new era.  In keeping with the divine evolutionary plan, we have evolved to the point that advanced humanity is beginning to see through the glamours and illusions of the material plane.  Having identified for eons with our physical form, the human soul is gathering enough light to awaken to its spiritual origin. 


As the Shift of the Ages accelerates, there are growing signs of the evolutionary plan working out.  The changing gears of the cosmic clock have set off a steady wave of crises that threaten the old “order of the ages” while kindling the awareness that will bring forth a genuinely new era.  Books, films, and websites about the soul have proliferated in recent years, along with news stories about altruistic people reaching out to help strangers—early signs of the sense of brotherhood that will mark "the age of the soul."  To make this new order manifest, however, will require that we move beyond a budding awareness of the soul and learn how to bridge the gap in the symbolic pyramid—between the part of ourselves belonging to the world of matter and the spiritual Self to which we are awakening. 

Bridging the Gap


Awakening brings the realization that we are creatures of a dual nature, both human and divine.  The tension of duality is resolved over time by treading the path of ascent, which leads to the resolution of duality at a higher stage.   Along the way, the discordant experience of two conflicting selves acts like the grain of sand in the oyster—the irritant that produces the pearl.  The battle between selves proceeds until the higher self gains ground and begins to control the lesser self.  Yet the personality clings stubbornly to ancient patterns of self-centeredness until the vibrations of the lower self are raised and attuned to the true Self.  When this occurs, the love and wisdom of the Soul infuse the personality and the two become one:  the light radiating from the eye of the pyramid permeates the base and the gap is closed.


A major turning-point on the Path comes when the seeker realizes that she or he is solely responsible for healing the breach between the two selves.  The universal method for accomplishing this—given to us by the Great Ones of all spiritual teachings who passed this way before us—is meditation.  By withdrawing the senses from the outer world, we learn to build a bridge in consciousness (called the antahkarana in the wisdom teachings) that spans the two dimensions of our selves and connects our individual soul with the Kingdom of Souls.  When enough of us have built this inner bridge, the radiant light of humanity's collective soul will create a new order on Earth.  (See “Notes on Building the Inner Bridge” below.)


One of the fruits of spanning the inner divide is the capacity to be impressed with ideas from higher realms.  The results of this subtle process can be seen in the achievements of human beings throughout history.  Those who  have penetrated “the raincloud of knowable things” were inspired with new truths and ideas that had the power to transform the world.  Among the best known recipients of divine inspiration are the founders of the major world religions:  Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Confucius, Christ, and Mohammed.  The spiritual truths and insights they received across the bridge of light became teachings of enduring value to humanity.


Others who are impressed in this way are artists, scientists and philosophers whose works of beauty, knowledge and wisdom have contributed to the unfoldment of human consciousness.  Einstein declared, “Ideas come from God.”  The artist Paul Klee remarked, “My hand is entirely the instrument of a more distant sphere.”  Kahlil Gibran, mystic poet and artist, wondered:  “Am I a harp that the hand of the almighty may touch me, or a flute that this breath may pass through me?”  Thomas Edison reflected, “People say I have created things.  I have never created anything.  I get impressions from the Universe at large and work them out, but I am only a plate on a record or receiving apparatus…”  


Mother Theresa often said with deep humility, “I am merely a broom in the hand of God.”  We might conjecture that when God holds in his hand a critical mass of brooms, we will create a brand new world.  By yielding personal desire to the soul’s impulse to serve the greater good, the human being eventually becomes a recipient of divine inspiration in service to the plan of evolution.  The Ageless Wisdom tells us that the divine plan for the new age depends on human beings developing the consciousness to become living links in the Great Chain of Being.  By doing so, we will bridge the gap between “heaven and earth” and serve as co-creators with Divinity in establishing the 'new order of the ages.'



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Notes on Building the Bridge of Light


The bridge between the human and the divine is constructed of subtle mental substance.  Learning to work with this substance—through the power of thought, imagination, and will—is integral to building the bridge and treading the path of transformation.  The Path includes three core practices that are common to world religions and spiritual teachings:  meditation, spiritual study, and service.  (Elements specific to the Ageless Wisdom appear in the descriptions below.)


·       Through meditation, we learn to silence the outer world in order to hear the inner voice of the soul; we learn to empty ourselves of the ego’s demands in order to be filled with Higher Purpose.  In creative meditation, the mind utilizes visualization, imagination and the power of spiritual will to project energy into higher realms.


·       Through spiritual study, we learn to recognize higher truth in a way that reverberates in the depths of the soul and catalyzes inner growth.  We also learn the spiritual laws that govern human evolution and how to apply the principles whose mastery transforms us into co-creators with “the divine builders.”

·       Through service, we demonstrate an expanded sense of responsibility to the greater whole of which we are a part—the natural response of the soul to fellow human beings and other creatures in the world we share. 


In the teachings of the Tibetan Master, transmitted by Alice Bailey, the bridge between the human and divine is constructed by developing a “conscious focused attitude” reflective of the higher nature—through meditation, contemplation and related practices.  Over time, the aspirant cultivates the ability to:


·       Hold the mind steady in the light;

·       Orient the inner focus to the true Self, and lift the consciousness upward toward the reality of the spiritual kingdom; and

·       Envision, affirm and realize the inner bridge linking form, soul and the kingdom of souls.


Through such practices, one learns to live in conscious relationship with the true Self—the Soul.  As the path unfolds and the soul enters the foreground of consciousness, one's life is redirected to service and to the divine Plan.  Over time, the span of consciousness is built across which the mind is impressed by the divine forces that overlight spiritual seekers and guide the evolution of consciousness on Earth.


These forces dwell at the higher end of the bridge in consciousness—in the realms of mind, soul, and spirit.  They are known collectively as members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet and Guides of the Race.  Their task is to infuse the minds of advanced human beings with vision and inspiration in service to the unfolding Plan of evolution.  Higher impressions imbue the mind with greater understanding of the purposes of our Planetary Logos, the Lord of our World, expanding human awareness of the part that each can play in manifesting divine purpose on Earth.


                                                               Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg

                                                                                                 July 2010


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