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"Three spiritual realities... must begin to 'affect human thinking and action' if we are to avoid global disaster during this transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age."



Three Essential Recognitions


As mentioned on our Home Page, we are dedicating a series of articles to the three spiritual realities which the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, has said must begin to “affect human thinking and action” if we are to avoid global disaster during this transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age.  These three are:

  • the reality of the soul
  • the existence of the divine Plan, and
  • the presence of the Guides of the Race (the spiritual Hierarchy) Who direct the affairs of humanity and oversee the evolution of the kingdoms of nature.

By focusing our efforts on these three important spiritual themes, we seek to add to a worldwide effort to gradually “engender the divine plan” in human consciousness.  We hope to reach people across the globe who, as the Tibetan puts it, are “aware of the possibility of divine enlightenment and of the interdependence (which is the basis of love).”[1] 

Acknowledement of the reality of the soul is first of the three recognitions.  It is a familiar topic to visitors to whenthesoulawakens.org and to readers of our book, When the Soul Awakens:  The Path to Spiritual Evolution and a New World Era.  These people (like millions of others) are awakening to the subtle reality of the true self within, and it is for them that we write. 

They know through direct personal experience that the soul exists and recognize that they are a vital part of something greater than themselves.  Having contacted their true self (through meditation, service, and spiritual discipline) they have established a ground on which to gain new understanding.  Standing on a foundation of deep personal experience, they are ready to open to higher spiritual realities. 

Key among these realities are the two additonal truths alluded to above, which every awakened soul eventually comes to recognize: 

  • the existence of the divine Plan, which gives structure and order to the manifest worlds, and
  • the presence of the Guides of the Race—the spiritual Hierarchy—Who implement the Plan of divinity, direct the affairs of humanity, and oversee the spiritual evolution of Earth.

Participation in these higher realities is our destiny as spiritual beings, for the soul is eternal and each of us, by our true nature, is “en rapport with the soul of all things.”   We are part of a great unfolding Plan and, in time, we discover that we tread the spiritual Path not alone, but in the company of a Great Brotherhood of Light. 

We invite you to  learn more about these important ideas by clicking on the links below.  Also we would welcome your thoughts about this new initiative at booksatgwp@verizon.net.  And if you know others who may be interested in these articles please share them. 

Every good wish in this critical time of transition,

Martin Vieweg and Nancy Seifer

[1]  Bailey, Alice A., Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p. 164.


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