Meet Giselle


Imagine sitting next to a diminutive ten-year old girl
 and hearing her say:


“The reason we came to this earth is to learn.” 


“I feel that in past lifetimes I failed to achieve
what I was meant to do.”


“When you’re really in touch with your soul,
you don’t think of it as a third person;
that’s really who you are.”





Astonishing Ripples in the Stream of Evolution


      Giselle is part of an influx of highly evolved souls whose appearance on our planet is quietly accelerating the pace of evolution. They have taken humanity completely by surprise—particularly parents, teachers, and others with whom they are in daily contact.  Even the modern wisdom teachings, which have prepared the soil for a new era, provide only small hints about them. One can see from these hints, however, that their presence among us was predicted.1  As we move toward an unprecedented leap in human consciousness, it appears that these children are here to reveal the extraordinary potentials that will manifest in the coming civilization and culture.

      Initially, when I met Giselle, I did many double-takes.  It was a challenge to assimilate the fact that I was hearing the wisdom of the ages coming out of the mouth of a little girl.  Once, while listening to her, laughter spontaneously erupted from me.  I explained how astonishing it was to hear from her what one might expect from a guru with a long white beard.  With an understanding smile she replied, “I know, my body’s not in synch with how I speak.”

      Giselle speaks with the authority of a spiritual elder—one who knows the truth about why we are here on earth.  But although she is exceptional, she is not alone. Untold numbers of new era children populate our planet.  Many feel lost and isolated, unrecognized by the world in which they live.  Giselle’s mission is to bring them together in centers where they can flourish along with adults who have special sensitivities—places where the divine spark in each soul can be kindled to reveal its full potential.  

      The first project on the path to manifesting her vision is the circulation of symbols that come through her from inner realms.  These symbols, which you will see as the interview below unfolds, do not represent concepts.  According to Giselle they are transmitters of energy. Francis Donald, a teacher of esoteric symbology,2 has said:  "Symbols don't merely represent concepts, they radiate the energy of the causal idea that animates those concepts.  An idea is a living force."  It would appear that the living force radiating through Giselle's symbols is able to bypass the concrete mind and raise, energetically, the vibrations of those who are open to them.

      Giselle is a transformer.  She has already transformed the members of her family and the nature of her family’s life, as you will see.  I had the opportunity to meet her in the fall of this year and interviewed her soon thereafter along with her parents—Elizabeth and Herminio—and in the cherubic presence of her younger brother, Diego.  I interviewed her much as I would an adult.  Readers may wonder if a ten-year-old girl actually spoke the words that you are about to read.  While I edited them slightly, mostly to condense her responses to particular topics, I assure you that the words themselves are entirely those of Giselle.

Nancy Seifer
December 2014






From infancy, Giselle suffered frequent bouts of intestinal illness for which conventional medicine had no cure.  When she was 7 her mother, Elizabeth, learned an energy healing methodology to try to alleviate her condition. During one healing session, Giselle’s awareness opened to the inner planes of spiritual life and she began to realize that she had a mission. 


“I always knew inside there was something I was meant to do.”

Giselle and her motherGiselle:  As soon as my mom opened me to the energy world I always knew inside there was something I was meant to do with that.  Lying on the table when she was giving me a session, I told Mom that the room looked brighter than normal.  She told me to pay attention and then I started seeing all kinds of angels and other beings, then a little while later I started to hear all kinds of things and eventually I got open to the world of God.  I started to see deceased relatives who I never met.  I said, “Mom, who’s Grandma Rose?” 

Elizabeth:  Because of her health issues I was looking for anything that could help, so I went to study energy healing.  In one of those sessions she became completely aware of the energy world.  It took us awhile to understand how it happened and why, and why her, but as parents, watching her growing, we realized that she was already connected, even before age 7.  She just needed a little extra push to be fully aware of what was going on.  Months later she said, “You know, Mom, I’ve been seeing these things since I was little, it just wasn’t as clear as it is now.”

Nancy:  What did you feel you were meant to do?

Giselle:  Starting when I was seven it came to me slowly, in pieces, until I had the big picture of what I was meant to do.  It involves working with many, many people, kids and adults.  Talking, giving speeches, helping them understand their own sensitivities, because I know that many kids are going through the same thing I was, thinking it’s their imagination.  Once they start hearing there’s more kids like them they’ll start to realize it’s not their imagination and that’s when they’ll start getting curious about what I’m saying.  I want to help them develop their own sensitivities and understand them because all of us came here with our own mission.  Some of us just need a little extra help to uncover what it is.

I feel that in past lifetimes I failed to achieve what I was meant to do and that works as a motivation in this life.  It makes me feel encouraged to do it because I’m aware of failing many times.  I was meant to help people raise their consciousness on both the physical and spiritual level and I failed to do that.  I kept getting lost because I kept getting so much money.  People just came to me and gave me money because I had spoken about what I was trying to do.  I wanted to create places for people to learn and grow and be healed.  They believed me, they gave me money, and then in the end I used it for my own benefit.

Nancy:  How did it make you feel to have a mission when you were so young?

Giselle:  It was a little bit overwhelming but it wasn’t scary because I felt like, well now I have an opportunity to give others an opportunity to go on a better path in their life.  To me it felt like, if this is how I’m going to live my life, I feel pretty good. 

Nancy:  Do you think you will find the people and resources you need to fulfill your mission?

Giselle:  Yes, because ever since I was a little girl everything always seemed to work out.  If we needed something it was presented.  We didn’t understand how, it was just like we were lucky.  So I always felt safe in a way.  I always felt that when I grow up, whatever’s going to happen will happen.  I have the assurance that God’s always with me and that He’s going to present what needs to be done.  Even the obstacles I’m going to go through, He’s always going to be there to show me that I am going to get through it. 

Nancy:  Is that sense of assurance connected with any religious belief?

Giselle:  No, this is all with me.  We didn’t practice religion ever.  None of us did.  I believe in God and the angels but I don’t believe in a specific religion.


“My mom used to call me a tiny little adult.” 

Nancy:  Do you ever feel like a child? 

Giselle:  No. When I was little my mom used to call me a tiny little adult.  I always tried to do stuff all myself because I felt like I’m not a little girl. I kept saying, “Mommy, I want to be older. I am older!  I’m five now.”  I’d always say something that made me feel older like I felt inside. 

Nancy:  Did you ever feel you missed childhood?

Giselle:  I feel like through my own decisions I skipped it.  And I’m not regretting making that decision.  I always felt like I wanted to grow up and be independent.  Age is a limitation with other people because if you’re really young, I feel like they pay less attention to you.  But with my family it’s different.   

Nancy:  Is it uncomfortable for you to know more than adults ? 

Giselle:  No. 

Elizabeth:  Sometimes it’s a little frustrating for her because it’s natural for her to know these things.  It’s common sense to her so she feels like everybody else is on the same page. 

Giselle:  I remember once I said something to our dentist and Mom said, “I can’t believe you said that.  It was so profound.”  And I’m like:  “What do you mean?”

Elizabeth:  There have been many conversations where an adult asks something and she answers, and I say, “How did you know that?”  Many times we leave some place and she says, “Mom, they’re saying ‘Thank you, Giselle, I understand now, you made me feel more at peace.’” And Giselle says, “How am I helping?   It’s common sense.” And I’ll say, “You just told them what they needed to hear.” 

We’re having our own struggles with our family about this.  Most of them don’t understand and they think, why isn’t she enjoying her childhood?  My mom, my dad, other family members used to tell me, “You keep forgetting that she’s only 4 years old.  You’re treating her like an adult. You shouldn’t be doing that.”  And I would say, “You haven’t heard what she says to me or seen how she behaves.  I’m treating her the way she is.”  It’s not easy for anyone.  I had to struggle with it until I finally got it.  The same with my husband. 

Giselle:  My grandpa, the few times I’ve talked to him about this, he laughs at me.  Literally.  I don’t know, I guess other people just aren’t ready. 

Nancy:  It seems your own soul has to be awake before you can recognize the soul in others.

Giselle:  I feel like if more of us develop this way it will be better for all of us—for those who are already open and those who aren’t yet. That way we’ll know that we’re not alone, that there are more of us around. 

“I left school when I was starting 4th grade.”

Giselle:  I left school when I was starting 4th grade because of my health issues and my sensitivities to the environment.  Being around sick children made it harder to stay at school.  Also I would experience other entities there.  Children who have bad issues with their parents would bring some.  Some adults would bring some.  I can see holes in some people’s auras and those people can drain energy from kids.  But those holes can’t be filled by other people.  It has to do with fulfilling your own life purpose and becoming more conscious. 

Also I don’t like talking about what everybody talks about, like school gossip and what happened on TV last night.  But if I talk to them about my sensitivities and what’s going on at home, they’ll think I’m really weird.  I did it with one friend and she didn’t believe me so that’s when I knew they’re not ready.  Having to go to parties was also a struggle for me.  My friends would invite me to a birthday party and my mom would say, “You have to go be with your friends.” And I would say, “But Mom, they never talk about anything I enjoy.  Ever.”

Nancy:  Do you know any kids who understand you?

Giselle:  There are two sisters who have their own sensitivities.  They’re very similar to mine and they are aware of them.  They’re also old souls.  My mom met their mom in her energy class.  When I saw them I felt like I’d seen them before somewhere.  In the first 10 minutes we became the best of friends.  But they live an hour away so I don’t see them very often.

Nancy:  Did you get along with the kids at school?

Elizabeth:  One day I went to school to complain that Giselle was sitting with a little boy who was annoying her.  He wouldn’t stop talking and she couldn’t focus on her work.  The boy was really loud and there was a girl who was really shy, and Giselle was in the middle.  The teacher told me, “The girl is very shy and Giselle can bring her out of her shell and with the boy, she can calm him down.  She brings balance and harmony to the table.”  And I thought, this is probably her journey, to learn to be with people like that.  So I went home and asked Giselle, “Does it really bother you or is it simply annoying?”  She said, “ I can handle it.” 

Nancy:  Giselle, was it useful for you to be in school?

Giselle:  Yes.  Because it gave me an opportunity to learn to be around people like that, because I know I’m not going to be in a bubble for the rest of my life.  It’s not always going to be little pink flowers and bunnies when I go out there eventually. 

Nancy:  Are you enjoying home schooling?

Giselle:  When I wake up in the morning I feel relaxed because I don’t have to go to school.  I wake up later and have a calm breakfast.  But I’m working on the same things I did at school—math, science, and language.  Whenever I have questions I go to my mom and she helps me out but I do most of my work alone. 

Elizabeth:  She is very independent with home schooling.  I was worrying before it started because I thought I’m going to have to sit down every morning for a few hours to teach her and then I have to find time to do my things and the house.  But it was no struggle at all.  She says, “ I know how to do it” and she just goes on her own.  The few times she gets stuck I help her.  She has more free time, she’s more relaxed, and she’s learning some extra things like biology.  She tells me, “Mom, with my sensitivities I can see things in people and I want to understand it.” 

Giselle:  I’ve been learning about the human skull right now and I’m going to move on to muscles, the brain and the heart.  Usually you don’t get to study about the human body until 8th grade but with home schooling I can do that.  I work at my own pace, and then I’m done.  Then I go on with my day.  I feel like everything’s being used well. 

 Symbol 2

I remember one life where I was her mother.”

Elizabeth:  Ever since Giselle was born she’s been having problems with her health.  Her soul has a very high vibration, and a very loving vibration, and everything that does not belong to that vibration causes conflict for her, on the physical level too. It happens especially with food, but it’s everything.  If she gets a simple cold she gets the same symptoms—she’s nauseous, she can’t eat, can’t digest.  Sometimes the symptoms just appear.  It happens when she’s with a lot of kids so it could be a virus, bacteria.  For the last 2 to 3 years of school, she would never go a month without being sick.  Some doctors suggested it was a mental issue but she had this from the time she was 3 months old. 

Giselle:  It’s not a very pleasant experience at all and I wish I’d never gone through that, but at the same time it helped me.  If I hadn’t had those sensitivities to the environment, my mom wouldn’t have focused on getting me better, and if she hadn’t focused on getting me better, I would have never had that healing session, I would have never opened up my channel, we would have never become vegetarians.  [Elizabeth:  We also eat fish.]

Elizabeth:  Like Giselle was saying, now we see this as something that had to happen so we could reach the place where we are today. Otherwise, I would have never given up meat, I would have never gone to the energy school or the naturopathic doctor.  My life would have been completely different, very far from spirituality.

Giselle:  And I probably would have been getting worse every day.  Even if I wasn’t sick with this nausea I’ve had I would have probably gotten really sick because I would have kept eating junk.  I’d be eating doughnuts instead of apples.  Everything has changed in a better way.

Elizabeth:  Once I said as a joke:  “Maybe we agreed on this before we came here and you were willing to sacrifice your body up to this point and then keep on going.  We really don’t have the answer but it makes sense because of her mission, which is also our mission because we’re a family.  If it wasn’t because of those health conditions we wouldn’t be here at all.  Even though she is a very, very old soul she’s still ten so we have to work with her to manifest it.

Nancy:  Do either of you remember knowing each other in the past?

Giselle:  I remember one life where I was her mother.  That’s why in this lifetime I joke around and tell her stuff like, “You cannot do that young lady.”  Back then we were part of this tribe of Native Americans.  I was a woman with short black hair and she was a little kid, maybe 2 or 3.  She’d be running around with other kids and I’d be watching her from a distance, making sure she didn’t fall into the lake or something.  If she’s fine I’ll go back to doing what I was doing.

Elizabeth:  She came to me once and said, “Mom, I remember being your mother.  I remember standing and watching you,” and as soon as she said those words I had a flashback and started seeing images.  I said, “Oh, my goodness, I think I remember.  You were dressed in a beige blouse and brown pants.” And I started describing what I was seeing.  I’m walking next to the lake and she’s watching from far behind.  Giselle’s going, “Yes. Yes. Yes.”  It was strange.  That’s the only memory we’ve shared that we’re both aware of. 


 “The reason we came to this earth is to learn.”

Elizabeth:  After Giselle opened up she was guided on different occasions to work on me, to open me up as a channel, and I didn’t know why.  I didn’t have a clue about any of these things.  When I joined the energy healing school it was just about energy.  I never got into God’s world, the world of the soul, spiritual energy.  Then one day Giselle opened me up and it was profound. 

Like she said, there are many voices on the other side.  We have to go into our own soul to recognize who they are.  Our brain can’t recognize them because they’re not in a physical form.  Every angelic entity has a different energy.  It was very intimidating when I first learned that Jesus was going to channel through me.  I thought it must be that an entity was fooling with me but then I felt his energy.  It’s something really hard to describe.  It is too much love, too much peace, to be human.  The energy is so peaceful and perfect that there’s no space for doubt or fear or even discomfort.  You want to stay there and never leave.  And in that space He will start speaking. 

Nancy:  Do you ask for help when you need it?

Elizabeth:  Yes, but I don’t always get the answers I’m looking for.  In the beginning I was asking questions all the time.  I wanted to know what was going on, what did I need to learn, was it karma?  Sometimes they would say, “That’s for you to figure out.  It’s part of your learning.”  I realized that I get clearer answers when it’s not about me and I asked why.  They said, “Because it’s not about you.  You’re getting this gift to help others, not for your own benefit.”  It took me awhile to get that.  A lot of people think, “Oh now you can tell me the future.”  But if it’s coming from a very high vibration they won’t tell you everything. 

Giselle:  The reason we came to this earth is to learn.  And if the guides just solve everything for us, then we have nothing to do here.  People can’t just take shortcuts.  They have to go on the path that’s necessary whether they’re comfortable with it or not because that’s what we came here to do.  It’s about karma.  You did this, well here are the consequences.  We can’t just skip them.

Nancy:  When you opened up your mother to receive guidance, were you aware that you were going to work with her on your mission? 

Giselle:  No, because when I was a very little girl my mom was a very strong Indigo and that was kind of uncomfortable for me.  I didn’t know what an Indigo was back then, but she was very strict and strong with authority.  She used to say, “You’re too soft and you’re never going to make it through life.  You have to be tougher.” She’d say, “Man up.”  And I’m like, “I can’t.”

But I also knew that at some point she was going to smooth that down and we were going to be  working together.  And it’s not just me and my mommy, we are really working together. 

Elizabeth:  I used to be more strong-tempered with her because I felt that she was way too soft and that it was a weakness.  My way with people used to be more defensive.  I closed my feelings to avoid being hurt because of past experiences.  So I was trying to change her way of being and I’d say, “Giselle, you need to stop crying, get up and move on.”  With her being a Crystal, which I didn’t know then, I was afraid she wasn’t going to make it in this world.  But the more she grew up and the more I listened to what she was saying, I could see the adult personality in her.  If I was upset about something she would say something to calm me down.

Giselle:  I’d say, “Mom, you know that getting angry and frustrated is not going to solve anything.” 

Elizabeth:  When I started hearing things like that from her I started questioning everything:  Am I doing right or am I doing wrong?  I could see that she was always right so I stopped arguing and started listening more.  The role that Crystal kids are playing is bringing about harmony.  The way she’s working is more about love, bringing people with strong tempers into a loving state like she did with me.  And the Indigo kids are trying to bring justice. 

Giselle:  The Indigos are making the way for us to do what we are going to do.  They are clearing the path.  If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have any space to do what we’re doing and if it weren’t for the Crystals, the Indigos would be making space for nothing.  That’s how we fit together.  The other day I said to my mom, “I know why you’re my mom and why you’re an Indigo.  If it weren’t for you I probably wouldn’t be doing any of this because I’d be too timid.”

Elizabeth:  It’s been a learning process for the whole family.  My husband and I started shifting our perceptions and our way of being parents.  Then with the opening to spiritual energy, and listening to the angelic beings, we’ve been changing our way of interacting even more.  I realized that what I was considering weakness was not necessarily weakness and then I could allow myself to be softer again.  I used to think I was free but now I’m experiencing my soul essence and that makes me feel really free. 

Diego and GiselleMy son, Diego, also came into life with things I didn’t understand.  He had a lot of fears since he was a year old and, in my understanding, he never had any bad experiences.  That was also shaking up my world and again I was asking, “Why is this happening?”  We had to do a lot of research and try to understand why.  Then when Giselle opened up three years ago, we jumped deeper into spiritual realities and it became easier to understand everything that happened before.  Now I’m just simply allowing.  We have learned to trust, to have faith.  We’ve learned to be more connected with each other and with God.  The biggest things we’re learning are:  allowing, being, loving.  It’s been profound.


“Mom, everything is going to be provided."

Nancy:  Liz, can you say more about how Giselle has affected your family life?

Elizabeth:  I was born in a Catholic family but I was never active as a Catholic.  Our lives were about work, we didn’t have any relatives here.  We had what I called a normal life—go out with friends, hang out, come home, work, money, have to buy this.  It was like everyone in the ‘surviving world,’ as I call it.  When the kids were born everything shifted.  Giselle was the first one and because of her health I had to shift my focus in life and I stopped working for awhile.

When she completely opened up at the age of 7 it was a huge shock.  I didn’t know what to think.  I had no idea about what she was saying or seeing.  She would say, “Mom, I see someone standing in front of us.  He can’t see me but I can see him and he looks lost.  Why?”  Many of my answers were, “I don’t know.”  I had to go out and find people who understood and that’s how I found Lowell.3  He was able to validate what she was experiencing and it gave me comfort to know at least she’s not going crazy.  Then I was able to experience my own sensitivities and understand more about this spiritual energy, and I started seeing another way of being in the world. 

It has changed profoundly how we are together as a family.  We’re more connected and our connection is different.  It’s no longer about being mother and daughter, mother and son, husband and wife.  We see each other as spiritual beings and that’s more beautiful.  We’re trying to work together on the same level.  Before we used to argue a lot.  We’re more at peace now and the more understanding I have, the more peaceful it is in the house.  We’ve learned to see our kids not just as human beings but also as spiritual beings.  They’re little persons but they’re also souls.

When Giselle’s father, Herminio, joined the conversation I asked him how she had affected his life.

Herminio:  Giselle changed my life the day she was born.  It’s a very big change to have kids but I was not expecting to have to deal with a little person like her.  Ever since she was a little kid, she would come up with things that were full of wisdom.  It’s been challenging to deal with that.  She completely disrupted my idea of what it is to raise kids.  It used to be: they don’t know anything, they eat, they play, they sleep, you’ve got to discipline them and that’s it. 

Giselle and her faterhSometimes when you talk to Giselle it’s like talking to an adult, but at the same time she’s a kid and still acts like a kid sometimes.  It’s been a job figuring out if I am with an adult or a kid.  I understand things now about the spiritual world and I understand she’s a very old soul.  One of the things I deal with on a daily basis is how to support her in her life mission as an old soul, full of wisdom, while teaching her about the physical world, as a kid.  It’s finding the balance between supporting where she’s going, though I may not understand it, and protecting her. 

The project they have in mind is a fantastic thing but it’s not going to be without problems and challenges.  Every day they are talking about something:  Shall we tell our family that Giselle can see dead people?  [Giggling in the background.]  Do I let her publish a website?  Of course she’s a kid, and she doesn’t know the dangers of the physical world.  Not everyone is going to be kind to her.  I don’t want to stop her from learning things but at the same time I don’t want an open door for everything.  

Elizabeth:  We’re both learning all the time, especially in this area of having more faith.  Giselle already has that, completely.  She keeps saying, “Mom, nothing is going to happen.  God won’t allow those things.  And if He does it’s because I have to learn something.”  Then I realize she’s right.  And she says, “Mom, everything is going to be provided.  We just need to be there and work with what comes.”  So I’m trying to simply let it be, and let us take one step at a time. 

Herminio:  They’re looking at the spiritual world and not the physical world.  But that’s where I live and that’s one of my jobs as a father.  I’ll never stop worrying about any of them until I die.  I’m a computer person and this is not logic or reason or mathematics, which is my domain.  This is one of the struggles I have.  The project itself is not something I would get involved in but they are my center and it excites me to be participating with them on something so important.   

Nancy:  Have your family relationships changed?

Herminio Completely.  I now realize that the wisdom we have as souls is not bound by a physical body and that we are all really equal.  That makes me see these kids in a different light and treat them in a different way.  I feel we’re more of a unit, where we agree on what we’re going to do and what steps we’re going to take.  There are things where if they disagree with us, they’re still kids and they’re going to have to do what we say.  But those are immaterial things.  When it comes to important things, when we’re having real conversations with Diego and Giselle, I don’t really see them as kids, just different people.  I still struggle with it but I’m able to connect on that level in these conversations.  Sometimes Diego will say, “Hmm.  It makes you really think and wonder.”  That moves me a lot. 

I asked Elizabeth and Herminio how they met.

Herminio:  I remember seeing her for the first time.  She was outside her house.  We were little kids, too young to be attracted to the opposite sex.  I could feel that connection and I remember it clearly.

Elizabeth:  We met when we were 8 years old at my family’s beach house in Mexico, where we grew up.  It was love at first sight.  There was an instant connection that was beyond a physical attraction.  I always felt we were the perfect match soul-wise.  He actually was my first boyfriend.  Then we broke up and got together again at the end of college.  It was meant to be, that’s all we know.  We had to live through some things and wait for the right time to be married.

Giselle:  I told my mom, “Mommy, your story with Daddy is not something that happens every day.“


“The spiritual world is very real and this world is a fairy tale.”

Giselle:  I believe in God and the angels but I don’t believe in a specific religion.  My guidance has always been through the angels who come with messages about things.  They tell me, “This would not be best for you, or that would be the right way to go.”  I hear them as if I’m hearing people except I hear both things.  They’re both on at the same time but I know how to focus sometimes more on one and then the other.  I spend most of my time listening to the angels but if I’m listening to them or not, they’re always there. 

Some of the angels are not at the highest vibrations.  They like to joke around and make things up.  Since I was 7 I could hear them talking, then I could hear it clearer and clearer.  Later I connected with the ones who are my angels.  I can identify their voices but I don’t rely much on voices.  They always give me some sort of signal when they’re around.  My angel would always stand in front of me so I could see her.  She’s the one I have the most connection with, the one I have fun with, my guidance.  She’s like Mommy number two.  Jesus would always hold my shoulder so I’d know it was actually him.  I can feel his love energy.  The first time I saw him I was in my grandpa’s car on the way to the airport.  He was wearing a white dress with an orange sash around it.  The rest was all white, but I could see his skin color and his long brown hair. 

Nancy:  What does your angel look like?

Giselle:  She doesn’t look very human.  None of them do.  They have a human shape but not exactly.  It’s only the souls [on the other side] that look like humans.  But actual angels, their eyes are just one color.  They’re not circles [irises] with white around them.  They don’t have a nose because they don’t need a nose up there.  They just take form for others to recognize them but really they’re just energy and they have a consciousness but they’re not actual shaped beings.

Nancy:  What would you like people to know about your life experience so far?

Giselle:  That’s a hard question.  It’s been an interesting experience being me because of everything you see, everything you hear.  It’s fun listening to the angels talk at the same time but it can be a little overwhelming sometimes.  I see creatures from different stars, I see lower and higher energies, I see different family members.  And there are very tiny fairies, like protectors of the elements of nature.  I used to see them too.  One of them gave me a whole explanation about what’s going on with nature and how it’s going down, and that we need people to meditate with the earth.  That’s become my world.  You could say I live more up there than I do down here.  I’m always hearing both, seeing both, living both and I’m in the middle, splitting myself in half.

Nancy:  Do you ever watch TV?

Giselle:  I enjoy watching TV shows and movies.  I love movies.  Fantasy movies are really cool to me but I also go for the silly kind.  I always ask Mommy, “How Giselle lying on couchcome when I tell somebody I’m sensitive I’m supposed to become a 24-hour monk?”  I’m also the kind of kid who goofs around, listens to music, watches TV, plays on my phone.  I always hear the angels but at the same time I’m living my own life.  Everybody has to have their own time.  If you’re always serious, where’s the love and joy in that?  I wouldn’t like this to be a 24-hour serious house.  If there’s no joy, there’s no love and if there’s no love, there’s no heaven.  That’s why if you want to live in heaven, act like a child.

Elizabeth:  She was very little when she got obsessed with the Harry Potter movies.  She says, “Mom, you see that as a fairy tale but those things are real.  That’s why it’s so interesting.”

Giselle:  The magic all happens, just not on a physical level.  But since the spiritual world is as real as it is for me people could say I’m living in a fairy tale.  Every child in the world is living in a fairy tale whether they’re aware of it or not.  Because all the spiritual beings are living their lives around us, whether we see them or not.  To them, and to me, because I feel like I’m back here with them, this reality is a fairy tale.  The spiritual world is very real and this world is a fairy tale.


 “The symbols are meant to prepare people for what’s coming.” 

Nancy:  How did you begin to receive the symbols?

Giselle:  I was very anxious for a few days.  I was in conflict with myself for a long time.  Then one day, when my friends who are also sensitive were here, I went over and got a piece of paper.  I thought I was going to write.  I picked up a pencil and dropped it.  I picked up a pen and it didn’t feel right.  When I picked up a paintbrush it felt good, but why would I need a paintbrush to write?  I got my paints, black felt right, and then I opened up and said, “OK.”  I was ready to write a letter but instead I started writing symbols.  I kept on drawing and showed them to my mom and she said, “What is that?”  I said, “They’re symbols from energies that I’m channeling.” Ever since I keep on writing, almost daily. 

My hands start shaking and that’s how I know I have to write something.  To me they’re writings.  It’s an energetic language that can’t be translated because there is no translation.  It’s the energy that makes me want to write—the energy of their presence.  It’s not coming from a specific being.  It actually comes from many but they switch and I don’t know their names.  They’re coming from a different dimension.  I know that they’re very close to God so I feel very safe with them.

Nancy:  How do you feel when you’re writing the symbols?

Giselle:  I feel a strong, strong energy in my heart center.  It’s constantly vibrating.  There are times when it is very intense and I just feel anxious all over my body.  There are times when my hands start shaking when I’m writing and it starts looking weird.  That’s because the energy that’s channeling is not in synch with mine in the respect that it’s higher.  It’s not very easy to make a complete connection.

Nancy:  Do you think about anything in particular when you’re channeling the symbols?

Giselle:  I’m thinking my own thoughts and they’re working with me.  I always thought our physical body is more like a puppet, just so something can be manifested physically.  If I don’t need it then my soul goes somewhere else.  Sometimes I have out-of-body experiences.  I feel myself without the weight of a human body.  I feel myself free and it’s good to be back out here and not in here.  Every once in awhile in meditation I travel the world in the present time, and sometimes in the past and in the future.

Nancy:  Where is your soul when you’re working on the symbols?

Giselle:  I’m always here.  Everybody always talks about the soul as a third person [in the third person] because they always speak from their mind.  When you’re really in touch with your soul you don’t think of it as a third person, that’s really who you are.  I talk about my physical body as being a third person and my soul is the actual me. 

Nancy:  What do you think is the purpose of the symbols?

Giselle:   I feel like they’re meant to prepare people to raise their consciousness for what’s coming.  They’re meant to help people cleanse their aura and become more aware of the higher energy and have a clearer connection to their own soul—to actually speak from there and be expressing from there.  The symbols themselves are a certain energy vibration.  They’re trying to bring people in synch with that vibration so they can raise their energy.

Symbol 3

Nancy:  How do you suggest people use them?

Giselle:  You don’t necessarily have to meditate but meditation would be beneficial. You can put it on a counter next to you while you sleep and it can have the same effect as if you meditated with it.  There was one friend who slept with them.  They do their own work.  People will know what to do.  You just have to have them present in the house with an open heart to be receiving their energy.

Elizabeth:  They have actual vibrations so the impact depends on how you are vibrating in life, at what level.  Kids like her are already vibrating at a higher level, so when they come across the symbols they may not have as great an effect.   They’re about raising people’s energy until you don’t need them anymore.

Nancy:  You said that you had visions of the Earth’s future. 

Giselle:  I saw where the world would be ending in fire.  I could see this gynormous wall of fire and heat and lower energies hovering over the earth.  That’s why the raising of consciousness has to happen, so people can see what is happening as a cleaning of the earth instead of just a destruction.  The raising of consciousness is so that it is not as bad when the destruction happens.  It will be less chaotic and people won’t feel as fearful.

It’s already shifted.  People had an opportunity to change it way back but they didn’t take that opportunity.  They started with destruction of trees, and contamination, and processing food, and getting people’s energies lower.  When everything started going down they had an opportunity to stop and live in God’s world instead of trying to create their own.  But they didn’t.  So it’s really our fault, not God’s fault.  It’s what we’re eating, our thoughts, the way we live.  People say, “It’s just me being human.”  When you tap into your soul you’re not just being human.  If everybody was more tapped into their soul none of this would have happened.

Nancy:  What happens to human beings after the fires?

Giselle:  We all leave and we go into our soul form and we go with God and that’s where we stay until God figures out a plan for where we go then.  We have to keep learning and growing so we’re either going to reincarnate back here when the world is regenerated or we go to another star.  I really don’t know.  But even if I was going to be present at that time I wouldn’t be afraid because I know that it’s necessary and I know whatever happens to me, I’m fine. 

I’ve had a vision very, very, very into the future, after the destruction.  I see us back on earth with everything regenerated except technology or anything physical.  We are not even a hundred per cent physical.  We’re like I was back on my star—all living freely, naturally.  I feel like this destruction is meant to dispose of the lower energies and then God will bring back the higher energies.  Then people will have a second chance.  God gave us free will for a reason.  It’s to follow God’s will or not.  Are you going to stay on track with God’s will or not?

* * *



To learn more about Giselle’s mission and the symbols visit:


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1 Hints such as these appear in the books of Alice A. Bailey:

 "[In the future] children will frequently be born who will see etherically as easily as the average human being sees physically."  from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

the quality of the young children now coming into incarnation is steadily getting better and higher... This will be increasingly the case, until young people of fourteen will have the equipment and intelligence of the brilliant college men and women of today."  from Education in the New Age

2 Francis Donald is also an extraordinary artist. Two of his artworks appear here:  

3 Rev. Lowell K. Smith, psychically gifted from childhood, holds a class for people with similar sensitivities in northern Virginia. []



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