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The images below are representations of esoteric ideas.  The extraordinary artistry of Francis Donald transforms abstract ideas into luminous visual experiences that quicken the light of the soul.  Through advanced digital technology, he is able to capture the electric light and color of the etheric realms and bring it into visual form.  His work breathes new light and life into core ideas underlying the spiritual Path.

In a letter to esoteric students in November 2012, Francis explained the meaning of these two images. You will find his letter here.  A brief biographical sketch of the artist appears at the bottom of this page.  



Bridge to the Inner World of Light




To simplify the complex esoteric ideas reflected in these images of the antahkarana and the twelve-petalled lotus (belwo) we offer a few additional thoughts.

“Antahkarana” is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘interior sense organ.’  It has been likened to an inner ear.  In the wisdom teachings of the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, the antahka- rana is portrayed as a bridge to the inner worlds of light.  Great emphasis is laid upon building this bridge for disciples on the path of return.  It is "spun" out of mental substance through the practices of meditation, spiritual study and service.  Through sequential stages of growth, a field of magnetic resonance is established between the personality and the Soul on its own plane, which forms the first span of the bridge.  The second span links the Soul-infused personality to the higher spiritual planes.

It is across this bridge that ‘the voice of silence’ is heard — the inner voice that guides the pilgrim on the path of return.  As the path unfolds and the love and wisdom of the soul gradually infuse the personality, the disciple is propelled to serve the greater Good.  The antahkarana then begins to work as a conduit for inspiration flowing from higher planes into the world of form and the disciple becomes a vehicle for genuine co-creation with the divine Plan.



Twelve-Petalled Lotus

In Eastern traditions, the soul is often pictured seated on a twelve-petalled lotus holding the “jewel in the lotus” (the director of monadic life force) in its hands. In the ageless wisdom teachings, the twelve-petalled lotus is a symbol of the heart center.  The petals in the heart chakra represent three tiers of consciousness that unfold at progressive stages of evolution:  knowledge, love and sacrifice.  The lotus opens petal by petal over the course of lifetimes, ultimately becoming a radiant, magnetic wheel of etheric light as the True Self shines forth in selfless service.  Syn-chronously, a twelve-petalled lotus awakens in the “heart in the head,” revealing to the soul the love of God in all of life.

Francis Donald moved to Taos, New Mexico in the early 70's and began studying with Herman Rednick, a spiritual teacher/artist who introduced him to the ancient wisdom teachings.  "Soon after," he writes, "I began my career as a professional painter (mainly landscapes), showing in galleries throughout the southwest.  Even in those early days, I longed to create spiritual paintings, but it wasn't until the advent of sophisticated computer software that I found a way to create visual metaphors based on sacred geometry and the teachings of Alice Bailey."

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To learn about practical techniques for building the inner bridge (also called the rainbow bridge) and for a wealth of materials about the path of discipleship, please visit the website of Ron Tiggle: 


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