Power of Beauty


The Power of Beauty

in the

Work of Ginger Gilmour


The impulse behind the art of Ginger Gilmour lies in her byword,  “In beauty we are united.”  Her quest is to “draw out the beauty of life and inspire us to find that beauty in each other and rejoice in our differences.”  As an artist she seeks “to create forms that remind each one of us of the highest that we are.”

Ginger’s paintings and sculptures radiate an awesome beauty that evokes the presence of spirit in form.  It has the power to open the heart and stir the soul, exposing us to the inner realms where unity is.  Her work makes the viewer aware of the invisible dimensions of life by leading us to "travel backward and forward from physical seeing to inner seeing.” 

Many of Ginger's works begin with realistic detail and then “drift off into the abstract,” reflecting the fact that human experience is only partly physical.  She creates a mystical bridge between the plane of dense form and the subtler planes into which the forces of evolution are leading us — those formless realms where outer barriers melt away.

We have taken the liberty of arranging selected paintings and sculptures from Ginger’s body of work into three sections below.  The first is entitled “The Disciple’s Journey,” as the images stir an awareness of stages on the path of return to Spirit.  The second, “The Soul in the World,” calls forth the spiritual potential of our shared humanity.  The third, “Divine Feminine,” radiates the qualities that will infuse the new world.

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≡       The Disciple's Journey      ≡



Contemplation Under Water




Inner Doorway




The Journey








Angel and Disciple




Lady in White



Beyond Duality









Silver Girl



—  ♦  —

       The Soul in the World      



Humanitarian Heroes








                                                            Sacred Vow



—  ♦  —

≡       Divine Feminine      ≡




Cosmic Weaver of Life





Earth Blessing





Mother of the World





Woman and Two Angels




Kwan Yin




Golden Dawn



—  ♦  —
An autobiographical sketch of Ginger Gilmour appears at
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