Beauty - Doorway into Light

"Beauty is as much of divinity as can be expressed
through any one form."

  ~ The Tibetan Master

"Inner Doorway" by Ginger Gilmour


Beauty:   A Doorway into the World of Light

Many words have been written about the soul and the subtle inner realms to which it belongs.  Beauty has the power to awaken the soul without words.  It penetrates straight into the deeper recesses of the heart where the doorway into the world of light is found.

The radiance of beauty is like a charge of shimmering light that allows us to experience divinity.  Its vibrations electrify the subtle senses in a way that makes us aware of a higher dimension of reality.  Like goodness and truth, beauty is an embodiment of the divine in the world of material forms.  It offers a glimpse of the Life that imbues all forms with a spark of Itself.

Because the creators of genuine beauty are inspired by the universal Soul, their works stir the soul in others.  Their art draws the viewer into the realm of the sacred, making the invisible presence of spirit come alive.  Artists impelled to create beauty are like way-showers into the future, when the corporate soul of humanity will awaken and fill our world with the light of Spirit. 

We are pleased to present the works of three such artists.



The Power of Beauty 

Ginger Gilmour


Connecting Heaven and Earth 

Jean Altshuler





Bridge to the Inner World of Light 

Francis Donald