Signs of Aquarius

Water of Life 

Many signs of the Aquarian Age are becoming visible to people with an intuitive sense of the future.  The authors of the articles listed below are among those people.  They are all familiar with the agelss wisdom teachings and have come to see the world through the visionary prism of these teachings.

Each author presents unique insights into the evolving consciousness of humanity that willl, during the course of the coming age, flower into a new civilization and culture.  Together their writings (and images) offer a broad array of insights pointing toward the world we can anticipate at a higher turn of the spiral of consciousness.

It has been said that in the Aquarian Age, the 'water of life' will pour forth for thirsty men and women.  As the age unfolds this 'water'—the spiritual sustenance of Life and Truth—will flow freely and abundantly, satisfying the thirst of all true spiritual seekers.  As a prelude, we hope that the insights and truths gathered in this collection of articles may satisfy the reader's search for a ground of understanding of the new age and the new human being.





Age of Aquarius  
by Jan Detrich

Greed and God
  by George Catlin

On Obama, Magic and Magicians
  by Steve Nation

Season of Awakening
  by Nancy Wait

Circulating the Life-Giving Force
  by Gita Brooke

The Clarion Call
(an excerpt)  by Susan Trout




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