Susan Trout on These Times

An Excerpt from   


The Clarion Call

Leadership and Group Life in the Aquarian Era 


                                                                                     by Susan Trout, PhD



We stand precariously at the midpoint of the transition from the Piscean Era to the Aquarian Era.  No longer having a foothold in the past, we step onto uncharted land.  Old organizational structures and belief systems collapse around us as new ones emerge.  Conflict between the old and new, the known and unknown, arises as we struggle to adjust to the necessity of change and to develop new models of leadership and group life.


The new reality opening to us is an era of conscious leaders and conscious groups.  This era promises to imbue the world with an energy that unites masculine mind (clarity, order, practicality, knowledge, and words) with feminine heart (cooperation, beauty, synthesis, connectedness, poetry, art, and tenderness).  We awaken by deepening and unifying our inner lives.  Then, as awakened leaders and groups, we can transform our organizations and communities so that they truly support their members and those they serve.


We harvest the good from where we have been and welcome change as new models unfold.  We call on the wisdom of the universe to help us with the practical application of that knowledge.  We deepen our collective understanding of what wants to emerge in the world.  Taking a step through the Aquarian doorway, we move out of the personal into the collective and out of duality into wholeness.  We choose to articulate a new template for the evolution of soul-inspired leadership and group consciousness.




Susan Trout, PhD, cofounded the Institute for the Advancement of Service in Alexandria, Virginia in 1980 and has served as its executive director, director of outreach, and board president.  She is currently dedicating her efforts to sharing the transformative teachings of her Soul and Service Trilogy with national and international leaders, groups, and organizations who are searching for concrete ways to usher in the new world. The excerpt above is from the Prologue of The Clarion Call, the third book of The Trilogy.  Her previous books are Born to Serve:  The Evolution of the Soul Through Service with a Foreword by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and The Awakened Leader:  Leadership as a Classroom of the Soul.




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