Gita Brooke on These Times


Circulating the Life-Giving Force


Through the passage of time humankind has arrived at a point where self-consciousness has reached a high level of saturation. We now know much about our physical and emotional make up, our desires and dreams, hopes and fears, and the pursuit of selfhood has tended to become a self-preserving habit.

But the crises that are now confronting us, our communities, and the environment, to which we belong, are challenging humanity to break the old confining mold and respond constructively to the opportunity for change and transformation.  We are challenged to transcend the limitations of self-consciousness and discover the greater - truer - freedom of the spirit.

Climate change, the financial collapse, the energy crisis, and the continuing trauma of poverty, violence and depravation, are all symptoms of blockages to the flow of energy in our world.  They reflect dysfunctional relationships and a limited perception of the whole.

The sign of Aquarius is said to govern the blood system and the distribution of this life-giving substance to all parts of the body. This system, when healthy and uncluttered, distributes the blood, streaming forth from the heart, down and through to the minutest part of the organism.

As we and all life on our planet move deeper into the new millennium and the Aquarian era, there are signs of a shift in energy.  A rapidly growing number of human beings are reaching out in empathy and goodwill to those in need. Charitable work is being sponsored and volunteer services are alleviating hunger and pain, and providing temporary shelter. But this is not enough.  The causes of suffering, violence and hardship remain largely intact; old habits and narrow-mindedness are limiting and resisting the forces of progress.

Humanity longs for new leadership. Perhaps an Aquarian leader would be one who calls on each human being to join in the work of building bridges, networks and webs of interconnectedness to allow free and fair distribution between all peoples within the world community. Such a leader might well be found within every part of the community, serving the interests and welfare of all within the neighbourhood. And we, as individuals, might have to be at the forefront of change and transformation in our communities and take shared responsibility for the physical and spiritual well-being of the whole of which we form an integral part.  The vision for Aquarius is that of the human being becoming humanity:  the part finding its place within the whole without losing its individual integrity and sense of self.

The new Aquarian leadership will inspire humanity to world service for the common good. It will promote understanding and respect between all peoples and cultures. It will look to the future and help today’s humanity prepare the foundations of a better world for their children and children’s children. Aquarian leadership will come to ensure that the circulation of the life-giving force of the heart of humanity will reach all parts of the whole.

“Let everything be done for the sake of Good. Let each action unfold new achievements.  Let the thought of service accompany each deed.”  (HEART; p 131)


Gita Brooke
, along with her husband, Anthony Brooke, co-founded Operation Peace through Unity (OPTU).

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