Mystery of 12. 21. 2012

Out of the blue, or so it seemed, an email arrived at the start of this year with the subject line:  “Entering the Age of Light / December 21.”  Enclosed were two photographs of sunset as seen from the coast of southern California on the last day of the 5,126-year Mayan Calendar.  Embedded in one of the photos was an excerpt from Entering the Age of Light, an ebook published by Gathering Wave Press the previous July.

The sender thanked us for publishing this ebook and wrote: “While watching the sunset I was reminded of the profound message of Entering the Age of Light and was moved to share these photos with Gathering Wave Press, along with my favorite pull quote from the book.”  He offered us permission to post the photos on our website and to use one as the banner photo, which we have since gratefully done.

Sunset - December 21, 2012An unbidden gift is always a treasure, but this one also bore an aura of mystery.  Only now is the profound significance of these photos beginning to emerge.  It turns out that this particular sunset may well be in a class of its own.  A web search of rare cloud formations yields a collection of fascinating configurations, along with the fact that such extremely rare configurations have recently increased in frequency.  However, of all the images turned up by this search, none remotely resembles the one you are about to see in the photo booklet to your right.

When viewing these photos, one’s eye is drawn to a golden flame in the center of the cloud formation and rays of light streaming upward and outward from that central flame.  The central vertical ray looks like a column of light connecting ‘heaven and earth.’  The outward-streaming rays look like the petals of a golden lotus.  Contained in this mysterious cloud formation are esoteric symbols of this momentous turning-point in evolution, when the light of the human soul is growing and the presence of divinity is becoming more palpable.

It’s interesting that California was the site of this celestial light show.  The coast of California has always been associated with dreams and visions of ‘the new.’  Although this scene appeared after the sun had slipped below the horizon, it has the feel of a sunrise.  The heavenly design that emerged in the sky as millions of people around the world were anticipating the end of an age appears to bear the markings of a new dawn.  If we can accept what our eyes tell us, and reflect on the possible origins of this cloud formation, we have to wonder whether this lotus in the sky was intended as a herald of the Age of Light.

While pondering the significance of these photos, what came to mind was the first stanza of The Great Invocation:

From the point of light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into human minds.
Let Light descend on Earth.

If we consider that millions of souls were waiting with great expectancy to see what that moment would bring, it’s not hard to imagine Higher Forces creating the brush strokes of this amazing “golden flower of light” in response to humanity’s invocative demand.  Fortunately, one of these souls, deeply aligned with the energies of that climactic sunset, recorded it with a camera so that all of us can savor its magic and majesty.

We are indebted to the photographer, Jeff Djordjevic,* for sharing his spectacular work with us and for making it available to our website visitors as a photo booklet. The quotes he inserted in the photos are exercepted from Entering the Age of Light and A Brief Message of 12.20.12.  If you would like a copy of either text, please contact us.

May you be buoyed by the spirit of these unprecedented times,

Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg

February 2013


*Jeff Djordjevic is a software architect and photographer living in California.  He is a co-founder of Monadic Media, a startup company aiming to produce Ageless Wisdom content for digital tablets.


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