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Entering the Age of Light




We stand on the threshold of a new world in a new dimension of planetary Life.  The future can be glimpsed in the following statements:  all is energy, light is a form of energy, all living beings have a body of light, the life wave of Earth is about to enter a field of light.
The coming Age of Light is the age of the Soul -- the age of consciousness that derives from the human soul awakening to its spiritual origins.  It will unfold at a higher bandwidth of Earth’s frequencies where you will see that all is energy.  In place of lines of separation that have blinded humans to the essential oneness of all lives, points of light will be interconnected within a boundless sea of etheric energies.  The light of God will reenter the world like a tidal wave arriving on the shores of human awareness.
The light of truth is to the awakening soul what the light of the sun is to a budding rose.
Those who speak of ‘the shift’ in popular terms are generally pointing to a vague transition to another vibratory field, like turning the dial of a radio to a station with a somewhat higher frequency.  It is expected that life will continue as usual, with the same human drives, passions, ambitions and concerns.  The evolutionary goal is quite different.  It involves the withdrawal of human consciousness from the plane of dense matter and the redirection of soul awareness toward the higher realms of spirit.
Every soul drawn into the upward spiral of light will be nourished by soul groups of the same vibration.  Those who hear the voice of conscience and are sensitive to the inner light are the trailblazers of the new civilization.  Those who experience the new Reality in the depths of their beings are leading humanity upward on the ladder of evolution to the rung where the collective potential of the human Soul will blaze forth.  The advantage of elevating the consciousness of all lives will be evident on the etheric plane, where the singularity of Earth will be observed.  The greater the light, the more enlightened the civilization.
The fact that the human energy body is now becoming a topic of widespread interest mirrors the growing influence of evolutionary forces on human awareness.  Few comprehend that this subtle body is the instrument of the soul while in incarnation, yet its recognition serves to widen the portal to the new age.  Acknowledging the reality of the etheric body and its purpose brings humanity a step closer to the Age of Light.  By focusing awareness on the life of the soul, one projects an added ray of light into the expanding stream of evolution.
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