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ETAOL is the acronym for Entering the Age of Light—the title of an e-booklet received by means of telepathic impression and distributed by Gathering Wave Press in 2012.  This publication offers an inspired esoteric view of the shift between the ages we're living through, touching upon aspects of the passing material age and presenting rare insights into the coming age that will be shaped by the awakening Soul of humanity. 

ETAOL lends itself to intuitive understanding, given the synthetic language and meter in which it was written.  But the reader's intuitive grasp can be usefully enhanced by the in-depth and detailed knowledge found on many of the same subjects in the books of Alice Bailey and the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul.

We are launching this webpage—“ETAOL Unzipped”—to help readers more easily access the illuminating messages of these writings in the light of the Ageless Wisdom teachings given by the Tibetan.  ETAOL UnzippedIn the months ahead we will present a series of short articles elucidating many of the synthetically stated core ideas of ETAOL through the teachings of the Tibetan Master. 

Hopefully this offering will help to deepen the reader’s understanding of the powerful evolutionary currents thrusting us into an expanded state of awareness as the new era dawns.




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Advanced Souls and the Coming Age
  City of Light


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