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We have chosen to call these writings “Whisperings” as the word evokes the notion of a bridge between the silence of the inner worlds and the embryonic human awareness of the new era.  It is the idea of a noiseless sound that can be heard only by stretching and sharpening the subtle senses enough to access the inner realms.  This is the way in which most readers will grasp these writings.  They will have to use their inner ears to hear, for the sound will not be loud enough to compete with the noise of the outer world.  These writings will attract those who can hear the subtle sounds of the new dawn.



Only those who have a light burning inside of them will realize that this time is in truth the ending of one age and the beginning of a new age.  They are the only ones to whom we can offer any kind of solace or comfort.  These times are in fact the long-prophesied “end times.”  What is to come to an end is the world of reality known only to the physical senses.



The popular notion of “wormholes” from one dimension to another may serve as a metaphor for what will occur in near future.  A “tunnel” is being constructed for passage through the spiritual darkness of this plane into the light of a higher dimension.  It is more like a tunnel than a bridge as it requires burrowing through the darkness of present-day reality to reach the next dimension of light.  This is only possible for those who are no longer dreaming that the current nightmares will end and they will awake one morning to a peaceful, prosperous material world.



The stakes are very high right now for humanity.  This time is unlike any previous period in human history.  The reason is that the field of consciousness is shifting to a higher frequency.  There will inevitably be a sorting out process – a kind of shaking out of the wheat from the chaff.



What is being disrupted is a state of mind that has governed human life from the origins of the race until now.  This mindset has been based upon the appearance of a tangible, physical, and permanent reality.  What is emerging is the spiritual nature of Reality on a plane of higher frequency to which human beings are beginning to attune.



Humanity has reached a plateau and stands at the edge of a cliff.  The individual has the choice of falling into the abyss or jumping across it in faith.  To step forward is to trust that a Higher Reality does in fact exist.  Retreat is not possible.  The present system of material values based on the present stage of dense physical consciousness cannot be sustained.  It is destructive of life and counter to the flow of evolution.



The Christ Spirit has drawn closer to the Earth and the process of transforming this planet has begun.  Everything that came before can now be seen as having prepared the ground for this momentous turning-point in human consciousness.  This is indeed a new beginning for the entire world.  But let us caution you about becoming overly optimistic, for the days ahead will be dark and long before the sun shines upon an Earth restored.



As the evolutionary wave advances, living conditions on the physical earth will be less hospitable to many species.  A higher frequency of consciousness demands higher-frequency forms.  The new Earth will arise from a higher ground of being.  This is a period of adjustment to the new energies streaming into the planet from the farthest reaches of our solar system and beyond.



The crust of the planet Earth will not be the home of the coming human civilization.  Nor will that home be on the moon or other planets in the solar system, as those who seek to escape the chaos and destruction would like to think.  It will be in a more refined bandwidth, so to speak, of this planet.



A physical body is a form that surrounds and protects the physical-etheric body (the soul’s vehicle) from denser elements, such as atmospheric conditions on the concrete physical plane.  Such a body has been a necessity until now, but as humanity begins to turn on the wheel of evolution toward its spiritual origin and destiny, both the atmospheric conditions of Earth and the outer form of each unit of consciousness will become less dense.



As you journey through this period of escalating human misery it is important to bear in mind that a process of choice is taking place, although it is choice on a scale far from ordinary.  It is a scale of choice only possible when the soul enters into awareness and the higher mind is activated.  Where no such awareness exists there is no foundation for conscious decision-making.  In reality this epochal choice-point for humanity depends upon intuitive recognition of a higher reality and a higher power.



Looking back on this phase of life on Earth, contemporary humanity will see itself as a relative to Neanderthal man.  This will be seen as a time of thought and behavior often primitive, cruel and barbaric.  It will be seen as a time when terror reigned supreme and when it was taken for granted that brute force was an acceptable means of settling conflicts.

Soul love contains a constant source of replenishment.  It is a well that never runs dry because the energy that feeds it is divine -- it is of God, of the divine essence of creation.




Grace Anthony is the pseudonym of an intuitive, philosopher, student of esoteric wisdom, and linguist.  The writings contained in Cosmic Whisperings of the New Earth were received telepathically by her from 2007 to 2009.  While some of the material is challenging, requiring deep reflection and intuitive insight, in general it shines a bright light on the evolutionary shift and where it is leading in the immediate future.

Upon reading When the Soul Awakens the author asked Gathering Wave Press to distribute this material on her behalf to anyone interested.  We have agreed to work with her, finding that Cosmic Whisperings strikes a note resonant to our own work.  It appears to be of the same consciousness and, like When the Soul Awakens, is in keeping with the contents of the Ageless Wisdom.  Grace Anthony is an American who has lived and worked abroad extensively. 


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