Cosmic Whisperings 2011


Cosmic Whisperings of the New Earth  ♦  2011


(Telepathic Impressions received by Grace Anthony)






It is possible for human beings to sense the contents of the Mind of God at this dawn of a new cycle of evolution by contemplating known elements of the Plan… To hold these elements of the Plan in mind and breathe life into them is to serve the turning of the wheel of evolution.

Imagine a world where the music of the spheres is heard by all, the beauty of the entire light spectrum is visible, the love that underlies the universe is perceptible, and the flow of wisdom is unceasing.  Imagine ripples in a lake spreading outward to “meet” other rippling circles, giving rise to limitless creative potentials. 

When the light of the soul attracts a greater Light from within the Kingdom of Souls, it sparks a revelation that takes religion out of sacred books and makes it a living reality.


A rose is more than a collection of petals; it has a unifying center from which each petal unfolds.  Groups working in the spirit of the common good will recognize the higher center from which each soul unfolds. 

Cooperation flows from the soul’s perception of belonging to a larger body of living beings.  The absence of this perception is responsible for human destruction of life.  Underlying the gathering storms is a planetary process leading to the resurrection of the Spirit latent in all forms.

To seize the opportunity of the moment is to raise the volume on the voice of the Soul.  That is the evolutionary aim of this transition and the foundation of the new era. 


It is simple enough to observe that old systems and conditions are withering.  It requires more subtlety to observe what is being born. 


To steer a steady course into the new era is to reverse the inner pole of a human being from matter to spirit.  The reversal comes when the inner light grows powerful enough to redirect the course of one’s life.  Progress on the spiritual path accumulates over lifetimes and cannot be reversed, thus it is wise to make use of these times as a greenhouse for inner growth. 

The only viable exit from material plane catastrophes is to amend one’s understanding of the human constitution.  A human being is a unit of consciousness with the potential to dwell on different planes of awareness.  A subtler plane of energy will be the backdrop for life when the soul awakens to higher Reality and the portal opens to an age of cosmic scale. 

Three simple facts should be kept in mind:  (1) the light of the Soul is the only light needed at present; (2) the rays of soul light attract a greater Light; (3) this greater Light guides the soul on the Path toward the higher ground of Earth’s evolution.

Some still wrestle with proving that God exists on the dense physical plane, but God is now emerging as a force of light and love dwelling in the Soul, preparing a new humanity for a new Earth.

God returns to a humanity standing at the edge of the abyss with no concept of what the future holds.  Into this void comes the human aspiration to know, followed by the response of Knowers contacted via the Soul’s inner bridge of light. 

The externalization of the Higher Worlds begins in the human soul.  This event should no longer be anticipated in the distant future; it has already begun in this transition time.  Every communication that sparks Self-recognition in the souls of others plays a part.  The mutual kindling of soul light contributes to building the first span of the bridge in consciousness into the Kingdom of Souls.

Apocalypse means revelation.  An earth-changing revelation is about to be made… The nature of this revelation is Light itself—the light of the human Soul hidden by the outer physical form until this transforming moment. 

The approaching alignment of 2012 will allow Cosmic Light to flow into the solar system as well as into the human system.  As the evolutionary wave ascends, those who are vibrationally prepared will enter the new field of Earth as part of the new race of human beings. 

The meaning of “the end of time” is seldom understood and often confused with “end-times.”… It signifies entry into a new dimension of being that transcends time.



Grace Anthony
is the pseudonym of an intuitive, philosopher, student of the wisdom teachings, and linguist.  She is an American who has lived abroad for extensive periods of time.

The writings contained in the first volume of Cosmic Whisperings of the New Earth were received telepathically by her from 2007 to 2009.  The contents of the present volume were received from January through April 2011.  As in the earlier document, some of the material is challenging, requiring deep reflection and intuitive insight, but the cumulative effect is to shine a bright light on the evolutionary shift taking place.

Gathering Wave Press was asked by Grace Anthony to distribute this material on her behalf to anyone interested.  We agreed to work with her, finding that Cosmic Whisperings strikes a note resonant to our work.  As is the case with When the Soul Awakens and the contents of the website by this name, the author’s spiritual insights are in keeping with principles of the Ageless Wisdom. 


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