The Greatest Secret


The Greatest Secret of All


 The worldwide web is rife with ads for books, seminars and movies about the “The Secret,” all promising to reveal “the most powerful law” in the universe:  the Law of Attraction.  The film, The Secret, is described in Wikipedia as a self-help documentary presenting the law of attraction through a series of “short dramatized experiences and interviews” with “personal transformation specialists, spiritual messengers, feng shui masters, and other ‘experts.’”1  The law of attraction is outlined in three simple steps:  Ask…Believe…and Receive.


The premise is that once you have mastered the Law of Attraction, you can have everything you’ve ever wanted in life.  By  mastering this law you will discover the secret to creating personal happiness and success beyond your wildest imaginings.  In the bargain you may find an ever-illusive “inner peace.”  The Secret is immensely popular and understandably so, for who wouldn’t want to attract greater happiness and peace?


For many decades, religious scientists and other new thought practitioners have been working toward those ends, teaching the same universal laws and spiritual principles:   “thoughts are things,” “mind is the builder,” and (through the thought-building power of mind and the attractive power of desire) “you become what you think.”

Greatest Secret
In current new-age parlance, the secret now being revealed is that “we create our own reality.” But in truth, our reality is much vaster than our own immediate personal world.  We are part of a grander scheme.  As revealed in the Ageless Wisdom, the reality in which we live encompasses the entirety of life, and the principles that govern our individual lives are the same spiritual laws that govern the cosmos.  These laws are universal in nature and apply both to the individual and to “the whole.”  For instance, the Law of Attraction works not only on the microcosmic scale of an individual, but functions on the macrocosmic level as well. The One in Whom we “live, move, and have our being” wields the same magnetic law of attraction in the creation of the worlds that we use when we attempt to draw that which we desire into our lives.


The law of attraction, which influences all the creative processes in the universe, works out under the direction of a great Cosmic Thinker—the Creator of the evolutionary goals for our planet.  These goals (these spiritual purposes) are formulated into a divine Plan which is implemented by a host of spiritual Beings working on inner planes.  Having transcended the human experience, they oversee the working out of the divine Plan as trusted Custodians.


Yes, the universe is responsive to human thinking.  Thought, along with desire, can activate the law of attraction to serve individual will.  But there exists a body of spiritual Thinkers who wield the laws of attraction on behalf of the greater life of our planet—the Life in which we all exist.  Their purpose is to advance the plan of evolution in alignment with the purposes of deity.  These Thinkers work consciously in cooperation with the greatest Thinker of All—the Lord of this world.


It may be surprising to many to realize that God, deity, or Universal Mind (as described in the new thought movement) is in reality a divine Thinker, and that the product of his thinking (the aggregate of his divine ideas) is the Plan for spiritual evolution.


Ideas held in the mind of God are the building blocks of this divine plan.  The Plan consists of great spiritual ideas and principles that fuel the stream of evolution, such as freedom, brotherhood, community, and the oneness of life.2  All who seek to cooperate with the divine Plan are in some way involved in promoting these intrinsically spiritual ideas.


The challenge for those who would contribute to the evolutionary flow is to activate “the secret” at a higher turn of the spiral, beyond personal self-interest, by becoming aligned with Thinkers (and thinking) greater than themselves.  The task at hand for awakening souls is to move beyond identification with the little self to the greater Self that is one with all Selves and with the Life that enfolds us all.  Personal self-interest must eventually give way to concern for the welfare of all.  As this occurs, the soul learns to think co-creatively in cooperation with forces greater than the "separated self."


The greatest thinkers on the planet are those attuned to the higher intution.  They are able to penetrate the secrets of creation and become co-creators with divinity by reaching beyond the rational mind to the realm of intuitive knowing.  They not only create their own reality by impressing the energy field surrounding themselves with thought and desire, they also discover how to co-create the shared human experience in cooperation with divinity itself.   Aligned with the soul, they develop the capacity to receive impression from the guides of the race, those members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet who direct “the current of ideas emanating from the divine Thinker.”3


All thoughts are part of a single stream of thought encircling and pervading the earth, called the noosphere by Teilhard de Chardin.  As individuals, we can either encumber the stream of divine thought that feeds into the noosphere with thoughts about “my plans” (my separative interests), or we can contribute to it by bringing our thoughts into alignment with the evolutionary tide.  The divine thought-stream of our time is infused with ideas such as freedomresponsibility to life (in all of its myriad forms), and planetary unity.  The more we evolve, and the more sensitive we become to spiritual impression, the more responsive we become to ideas held “in the mind of God.”  A shared sense of identity with our fellow human beings further prepares us  to cooperate with members of the Kingdom of Souls in bringing divine ideas into manifestation.


As the soul awakens, and we make a conscious effort to cooperate with the divine flow, we realize that the divine plan is not something that exists far away from us.  The divine Thinker (as the scriptures say) “is closer than breathing and nearer than our hands and feet.”  As our awareness grows and expands, we have the potential to become fellow thinkers in the greater scheme of evolution.  Consciousness is not just some vague spiritual substance “out there” to be manipulated for personal interests, as often portrayed.  The universe itself is “embodied consciousness.”  The solar system, the planets in their orbits, and the Earth in which we live are manifestations of consciousness, expressing on multiple planes of existence.


The truth is that we “live, move and have our being” in a conscious Being Who is infinitely greater than ourselves—One Who gives life to us and all living beings on our planet.  We are all manifestations of  the Divine Thinker, created in the image of our maker, with the inherent potential to become conscious expressions of divinity.  Endowed with mind, desire, and will, our destiny is to cooperate with the creative forces that guide our planet in its evolutionary courseAll who awaken to this truth will realize that the greatest secret of all is not that we can create our own reality, but that we can co-create the shared future of the one humanity in cooperation with those greater Beings who know the Mind of God and seek to make it manifest in our world.

Martin Vieweg and Nancy Seifer
February 2009




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