The New Generation



"A new wave of consciousness has entered our world."

"March for Our Lives" ~ March 24, 2018 ~ Washington, D.C.

The New Generation and the Plan of Evolution


     In spite of the chaos dominating the headlines in 2018, remarkable things are occurring that bear the seal of a higher order.  The awakening consciousness of the soul, penetrating the media slowly and sporadically over recent decades, made a conspicuous appearance earlier this year.  The blueprints of evolution came alive with the mass mobilization by students in Parkland, Florida in response to the shooting deaths in their high school on February 14th.  Signs of soul awareness -- a hallmark of the divine Plan for the new era -- are unmistakable among these 'kids.'

     Higher awareness is especially evident among the students who have emerged as leaders of the movement for gun control in America.  Their consciousness is so advanced and their capacities so developed that parents, teachers, school administrators and elected officials have deferred to them for leadership of this critical movement.  In a matter of weeks after the shooting, they had impacted the political landscape in the United States to a degree previously unfathomable.  Since that time, they have inspired innumerable individuals and groups to stand up to regressive forces in other spheres of life.  A new wave of consciousness has entered our world, suddenly and unexpectedly, through the souls of teenagers.

      This heightened level of awareness in so many young people caused bewilderment among seasoned political observers.  Progressive media commentators appeared spellbound by the sophistication of those who organized “March for Our Lives”— the rally held in Washington, D.C. and locations across the U.S. and around the world on March 24th.  Many adults struggled to comprehend what they were hearing and observing, as these kids exhibited a level of wisdom and strategic brilliance previously unseen in people their age.

      Adults at both ends of the political spectrum were perplexed.  Progressives who had given up hope of loosening the stranglehold of the pro-gun lobby were awe-struck by the organizing feat accomplished by the students virtually overnight.  Conservatives, supporters of unrestricted gun rights, illogically accused the kids of being the pawns of adults—the same adults who had failed consistently to enact change.  They all seemed to recognize that something new had entered the life of the nation, although they were unable to identify the mysterious source of power galvanized by these very young people. 

      Observing the students before and during the rallies in Washington and elsewhere, sympathetic commentators mentioned a number of qualities that appeared remarkable to them.  All of them are qualities of the true Self—the Soul—prophesied by the modern wisdom teachings to appear as we enter the new age. 

Soul Qualities Noted by Political Observers

  • They are mature, poised, sober and wise beyond their years.
  • They are highly intelligent, perceptive, and articulate.
  • They are authentic—there is no artifice about them.
  • They are courageous and unfazed by speaking truth to power.
  • They are self-motivated.
  • They have a clear sense of mission and purpose.
  • They are natural leaders as well as team players.
  • They are compassionate, empathic and inclusive.
  • They have a vision of possibility and exude confidence in a positive outcome.

Soul Qualities Predicted to Flower in the Aquarian Age 

     Through the teachings of the Tibetan Master in the books of Alice Bailey, one can recognize additional qualities of the soul exhibited by these teenagers, which signal that the plan of evolution is underway.

  • They act under the authority of their own souls and of their own free will. They do not look to external authorities for permission. 
  • There is no one leader among them (the 25 or so Florida students responsible for the national media and organizing work). They function intuitively, with mutual respect and trust in each other.
  • They embrace diversity. When organizing the March 24th event, the largely white Florida students reached out to black students from cities where gun violence is endemic to give them a voice.  There was a ‘rainbow coalition’ on stage—people of all races and backgrounds—all under the age of 18. 
  • They demonstrated control of the mind over emotions, skillfully turning the deaths of their friends and teachers, and the threat to their own survival, into the cause of reducing violence in all American schools. 
  • They generated an atmosphere of love, recognized by people present at the rally in Washington and those who watched it on TV.   A unanimity of response to the speakers was visible in the sea of faces of all races and ages—a shared consciousness radiating joy, hope and love. 
  • They projected a genuine sense of purpose and a long-term commitment to making fundamental change in the gun laws of the U.S.  The energy generated on March 24th was immediately directed toward further demonstrations and upcoming elections. 
  • They appear undaunted in their commitment despite personal threats and attacks by gun advocates. They are willing to sacrifice the comforts and protections of their teen-age lives to protect all children from gun violence.  Some have said they are ready to sacrifice their lives.

March for Our Lives

The Mystery of Soul Impression

      The modern wisdom teachings of the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, explain that the Spiritual Hierarchy works with awakened human beings to implement aspects of the divine plan through soul impression or spiritual telepathy.  By this means, members of the spiritual kingdom contact human minds that are “oriented and disposed to react to soul impression.”  This is a way by which the Forces of Light can influence events in our world. 

     Witnessing the light flowing through these students, and their effect upon countless groups and individuals who have been standing for truth and justice, it seems inescapable that they are reacting to soul impression.  This is what has eluded the comprehension of most observers.  We are seeing the effects of a dimension of consciousness that is new in our collective human experience, but is destined to become prominent as the coming age unfolds.

     An excerpt from a document received through spiritual impression, on February 28, 2018, offers insights into the evolutionary role of these teenagers.

The spectacle unfolding across the world is the forerunner of the return of the Light.  In the U.S. you have the Forces of Light appearing in the guise of battalions led by young people.  They are accomplishing what their elders have failed to do for two main reasons: (1) among them are numbers of highly evolved souls able to ignite the spark of the soul in their peers; and (2) they are unattached to the status quo and thus can act from pure motives.  They are countering the fear of death with the spirit of life.  This, too, is a breakthrough for the race among youth who can potentially bring great change.

      The spiritual force unleashed by this new generation, the potential it holds for radical change, is in some ways reminiscent of satyagraha—‘truth force.’  That was the term coined by Gandhi for the non-violent movement he led to liberate India from the tyranny of its colonial occupiers—the movement by which his people gained independence from an occupying power.  Now, in keeping with the plan of evolution, we may be seeing signs of a ‘soul force' that can liberate humanity from the tyranny of the lower self, trapped in the destructive glamours of power and money.  According to the Great Ones responsible for the evolutionary plan, this is how we will create a civilization unprecedented in human experience -- one that will be governed by the Soul for the good of all.

Nancy Seifer
April 2018



*  Marjory Stoneman Douglas (1890 - 1998) was a journalist, prolific writer of fiction and non-fiction, advocate for women's and civil rights, and renowned pioneer of the environmental movement in America.  In the last decades of her life, she shifted from writing about environmental destruction to becoming a crusader to protect the Florida Everglades.  Curiously, the shift in her roles may have foreshadowed the change taking place in students of the school named after her, as they become crusaders for gun control.
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