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years of study of the wisdom teachings, the mind becomes trained in a new way of thinking.  Orientation on the path changes and the inner world of the soul becomes increasingly important.  Creative motives and thoughts begin to reflect higher aspects of the inner nature (the true self).  Even attempts at humor take on the quality of the new paradigm of “life as a soul”—that great mediating, spiritual identity that each of us is in truth.

The cartoons on this webpage reflect, in some measure, life immersed in spiritual realities.  They are not necessarily raucously funny, but, hopefully, they convey a bit of humor (rooted in spiritual truth) that may help lighten the way for seekers on the path.   These “cosmic cartoons” are intended to expand the bridge in consciousness between the world of inner reality (the formless heavenly realm where the true self dwells) and the outer world of day-to-day existence.

Each new cartoon will be accompanied by a few brief thoughts about the metaphysical principles (drawn from the wisdom teachings) that underlie the imagery.  We plan to produce one cartoon a month...with the latest in the series appearing at the top.

It is our hope that, with a touch of humor, the truths of the Ageless Wisdom that have inspired these “Cosmic Toons” might be seen in a new light.  The cartoons themselves have been created in collaboration with the wonderfully talented and inspired artist, P. Delia Chisholm.[1] 

                                                                                                                                                                        Martin Vieweg   

 [1]   Patricia Chisholm       




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A Mysterious Resemblance


 King of Beasts:          "I think he has your eyes."
Mother of the World:   "I think he has your nose!"
The mysterious resemblance alluded to in the title of this Cosmic Toon is a reference to the resemblance between the part-human, part-animal form of the giant Sphinx, and the curious pair of visitors camped out on his massive paws.  These are The Mother of the World1 and the Lion—the King of Beasts.  These two symbolic figures from the annals of the Ageless Wisdom represent two unique aspects of the human being.  The Mother signifies the human soul; the lion symbolizes the human personality.  Together, as the wisdom teachings tell us, they are the inspiration for the carving of the Sphinx of ancient Egypt.2

The Sphinx is the symbol of the "divine human," reflecting both the persona (or outer self—in the image of the lion) and the soul (or spiritual self—reflective of the Divine Mother).  The persona is the expression of the I Am (the powerful lion lording self over other creatures)—the sense of self-identity or self-conscious individuality that sees itself as separate from others.  The soul is the group-conscious higher self—the nurturing, loving presence of soul awareness (the I Am That), which recognizes its shared identity with all souls and with the Oversoul—the Divine Mother Herself.  The human being, is the union of the animal aspect and the true Self, and the Sphinx of ancient Egypt is the primordial symbol of their union.

The two aspects of the human self are reflected in two key signs of the zodiac (Leo and Virgo in esoteric astrology) which veil the mystery of the higher and lower dimensions of the mind.  Higher mind is the conduit through which soul consciousness (conferred by Virgo) finds expression.  The seed of divinity—emanating from the Father—is implanted in higher mind and connects the human to the divine.  Lower (or concrete) mind is the ruling force of the lower self (presided over by Leo), which expresses through the physical brain and governs experience in the outer world.

The Sphinx holds hid the mysterious relationship between these two aspects of the human psyche.  As revealed in the Ageless Wisdom, these two facets of human nature evolve in sequential stages over vast cycles of time.  In the first cycle of purely personal living, the "fire of matter" (the heat of the mother) first conceals, then nurtures and brings to birth the infant Soul.  The lower mind learns—over lifetimes—to rule (like the King of Beasts) over the physical and emotional impulses that shape experience in the world of form.

After lifetimes of "ordinary human experience" spent developing an integrated, lower self—worthy of being an instrument of the soul—a second, briefer cycle of "spiritual return" begins with the first conscious contact by the personality with the indwelling soul or true self.  The "second birth" occurs and the soul (nurtured and hidden within the human form for many lifetimes (during Phase I of human evolution) awakens to its true nature.  Now ready for higher truth (about the hidden essence of the human being), the awakening soul steps onto the Path of Return to Spirit.  The individual sets forth on the long journey of transformation that will lead ultimately to full Self-realization and complete at-one-ment with the One Life.


1 See the cartoon, "U go, Girl," at the bottom of this page.
2  Note the touch of irony in the cartoon wherein the eyes of the Mother (pictured on the Sphinx) are, in fact, covered by Her veil, as portrayed originally by Nicholas Roerich in his painting, "The Mother of the World."  As an added irony, the nose of the Sphinx, missing for centuries, is also "hidden from view" since the nose of the poor but mighty lion is here covered a bandage.




The Single Eye of Illumination

On Your Mark!  Get Set!  Glow!  

  This cosmic toon introduces several fundamental principles of the wisdom teachings through the symbolism of the horned animals of the Western zodiac.  The ram, the bull, and the unicorn all hold a special place in the secret science of the stars studied by the ancients.  The two-horned animals, representing life in the world of duality, become transformed into the single-horned unicorn—the symbol of the initiate.

Aries, the Ram, signifies the beginning of the involutionary cycle that first brought spirit into matter.  He stands in starting position, “on his mark,” like an eager sprinter, with downturned horns pointing towards the valley below.  He represents the coming into manifestation of the creative impulse (the will-to-manifest) of deity.  Symbolically, Aries  “begins it all”—setting in motion the long journey of the soul into the world of physical  form.

Taurus, the Bull, rules the next cycle in the valley of human experience.  Linked with desire in the world of form, this fixed sign reigns for lifetimes.  As experience is gained, a higher expression of the desire nature comes to flower under the influence of Taurus.  Desire for material living is gradually lifted upward in aspiration toward higher truth.  The bull (satiated by long experience in the valley of incarnation) is now set for change.

Earthly experience no longer satisfies and the Bull turns his gaze (symbolically his horns) upward  to the mountain that lies ahead.  This shift upward results from the aspiration of the spiritual seeker for that which is greater than the form.  It signifies a radical change in direction.  From this point onward the seeker will tread the Path of Ascent out of the valley.  The earthy desires that have governed his experience for lifetimes in the world of duality are henceforth to be transmuted and transformed through steadfastness, perseverance, and endurance (other aspects of Taurus) into illumination.

The two horns of the bull, until now, have protected the latent "eye of light" (the eye of the soul) in the centre of the Bull's forehead.  Now, as the eye of the soul opens, the horns point aloft toward a higher goal—at-one-ment  with the soul and spirit.  The pairs of opposites, symbolized by the two horns of the Ram and the Bull, are fused into one, becoming the single horn of the Unicorn (the symbol of Capricorn) that thrusts outward from the brow like a single ray of light.*

The goal of the awakening soul is to become the unicorn—the symbol of initiation into universal consciousness.  Aglow with light, the unicorn stands triumphant on the mountain top—bathed in the transfiguring light of Self-realization.  Light radiates from the single eye (the fully opened eye of the soul), which fills the whole body with light.

This light of illumination represents the fruition of the soul’s long journey out of the valley to the top of the mountain.   It is the light of transfiguration demonstrated by Christ on Mount Tabor, Moses on Mount Sinai, and Guatama Buddha under the Bodhi tree.

*  Note:  The conventional symbol for Capricorn, the Goat, is not pictured in this cartoon.  He, like the two horned ram that launched the journey, and the bull, which readies himself at midpoint on the path, has two horns.  He (if pictured) would be found on the arid slopes of the second mountainside, wandering in the wilderness, scavenging for food and water—tested in his aspiration to reach the mountain heights beyond.



Atlas Preparing for the New World

 “I accept with joy and confidence
the responsibility placed upon me at this time!”


As a new era dawns, Atlas, son of the Titans, is taking a break from holding up heaven and earth to prepare for the new world.  To aid him in the task that he is about to undertake, he is studying a book of cosmic affirmations from a hypothetical beginners' course for the path to godhood.  The book is entitled:  Divinity 101.  The affirmation that he is reflecting upon is:

“I accept with joy and confidence
the responsibility placed upon me at this time!”

This creative rendition of Atlas is an emblem of disciples on the Path of Return at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  Like any sincere student of spiritual truth, he is challenged to accept the responsibility placed upon him by his soul.  He is trying to grasp the full implications of his pledge to tread the Path to divinity.

Like the aspirant on the Path facing difficult earthly circumstances and the enormity of human need, Atlas feels impelled to cultivate the attributes of the soul on the spiritual quest—strength of purpose, steadfastness on the path, selflessness, courage, and the spirit of service. 

Like the humblest among us, he, too must cultivate confidence—confidence in the strength of his soul, confidence in the Guides of the Race (the creative forces who direct him on the path), and confidence in the Divine Plan which he (or she) seeks to serve.

Atlas, as the symbol of a disciple on the Way of Return to Spirit, is also asked by his soul to express the joy found in uplifting people in need, despite the trials and tribulations encountered on the way.



Life in the Hood

  This cosmic toon expresses the simplicity of Life on the Path through a basic play on words.  “Life in the Hood” carries one meaning for tough guys in “hoodies” gathered on a sidewalk in the inner city, and yet another for the monk-like figure that joins them.

The monk’s head—covered by the hood of his cowl—is bathed in light.  He has shut out city noise to focus in silence on the meaning of the words on the poster in front of him:  “The Way Out Lies Within.”  The guys from the neighborhood—heads uncovered—seem oblivious to the message at this point in their lives.  Their hoods are down; they remain exposed  to the din and grime of the city—buffeted by circumstance—ruled by their environment.  No halo of self-realization yet surrounds them.

Nonetheless, the message of the poster is there for all to read.  Here, now, today…the opportunity is at hand to turn within, pursue the inner quest, search for greater light, and ultimately find our own spiritual center.  The words on the poster declare:  “It is possible to rise above life in the hood by discovering our inner life.”

Not all are ready to hear the message.  But those of us who are ready inevitably will change how we live.  We may struggle at first to alter course; it is never easy to turn away from the world and shift focus inward.  But, when the time is right, each of us will change the direction of our lives, and mount the Path of Return to the spiritual source.

As we do so, we engage in new practices.  Symbolically, like the monk in the picture, we don “the hood” of spiritual retreat, for a brief period each day, to remove ourselves from the pressures of daily life in the material world.  We add, of our own choosing, some aspect of the spiritual quest to our day-to-day existence:  There are many to choose from.  We may, for example:

  • meditate or practice concentration,
  • study scriptures or other sacred writings,
  • do yoga exercises or perform martial arts,
  • keep a journal or ponder our dreams,
  • study ancient prophecy, or
  • explore the realm of the psyche

We are free to choose our own way of treading the spiritual path.  The beauty is:  we need not wait; we need not travel far off.   Here, now…the hidden wonders of the inner life are there for the taking.  Once discovered, they will inevitably add new meaning and purpose to the life of every day.

Such is the message of this cartoon—portrayed by one single individual (radiant in light) who has found his own center in the midst of an unawakened crowd, and who, unbeknownst to them, is bringing light into the “neighborhood.

All who carry the light of the soul affect those around them in silent and mysterious ways by their very presence.  The basic point is clear:  Life within the Hood is equally important to life in the outer world (the neighborhood in which we dwell).  Developing a vital and meaningful inner life can transform daily existence and contribute to the transformation of our world.


"Which Came First?"

Which came first? 

 The physical chicken or the metaphysical egg?

  The spiritual principle implied by this rephrasing of the question veils an ancient mystery.  It is an esoteric fact (given in the teachings) that, in the scheme of creation, ideas (formless and intangible) are always the inner cause of tangible, physical forms.  This truth is alluded to in the label “META” printed in pink on the “shell helmet” that clings to the “mighty novitiate chick” emerging into new life. 

The esoteric truth that ideas precede created form is best illustrated in the everyday world in the way that architects work.  In designing any structure, from a small house to a skyscraper, architects invariably begin by developing a blueprint.  Blueprints form the basis for the detailed plan of action for any well-constructed building. 

A plan, or design, precedes creation at any level.  It should come as no surprise to learn, therefore, that the same principle applies to the making of the worlds.  According to the wisdom teachings, a divine plan preceded the creation of the universe—a cosmic plan held in the mind of the divine thinker—a thought held in the mind of God.  The elements of this Plan, created by the mind of deity, are divine ideas.  The results of this envisioned reality (made manifest through the timeless processes of evolution) are the physical forms of the material world in which we live.

In short, ideas invariably precede form, particularly when God is doing the thinking.  In the grand design of creation, metaphysical ideas give birth to physical forms.  This is part of the scheme of things and the “cosmic truth” posed by this rephrasing of an ancient axiom is worth pondering.

Students of metaphysics will already be familiar with the principle that:  “Thoughts are things…made of subtle matter…seeking expression in physical form.”  But we are reminded here that the content of our thoughts is powerful and that right thought is an integral part of the path to self-realization.



"U Go, Girl!"



  The painting that inspired this cartoon is called the “Mother of the World” by the Russian artist and philosopher Nicholas Roerich.  In this version, the artist portrays the divine mother surrounded by the bounties of nature, and arising to a new level of Being.  The four elements are presented—earth, air, fire, and water—along with a symbolic rendering of the astrological sign of Aquarius.

The “Mother of the World” symbolizes Mother Nature, the mother of all forms, the feminine aspect in all of creation.  She represents the Oversoul, the world soul that links all individual souls together as one in the divine matrix.  She is the nurturing presence that draws all individual souls back into herself with the turning of each new evolutionary cycle.

Mother Nature embodies the attractive power of the universe, the Love of God in the creative process.  She is the great unifier, the attractive impulse of the cosmos.  She responds in love to the creative urge of the Father Principle issuing from spiritual realms.

As the soul of humanity awakens, with the dawning of the Aquarian era, the all-embracing Presence of the Divine Mother will be increasingly felt.  Under her nurturing influence, the feminine principle will come into fuller expression on earth and divine Ideas (the building blocks of the spiritual plan) will gradually descend from subtle spiritual realms (the world of the soul and spirit) to be “clothed in matter” and tangibly demonstrated on our planet.  The kingdom of souls will—as the decades of the new century unfold—become more and more manifest on earth.

In the Roerich image of the “Mother of the World,” the figure is veiled.  In this rendering, the veil covering the eyes of the Divine Mother is being removed.   As she rises, she greets a group of female celebrants with a wink and a smile expressing the idea:  “This is our time.  I know it, and I want you to know it.”  Two young women are dancing joyfully in the foreground.  One holds aloft a volume of Isis Unveiled, declaring in delight her intuitive recognition of the emerging presence of the Divine Mother.  She proclaims a message for women (and men) in the new era:

 “U go, girl!”

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