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Einstein on the Seven Rays

Heart and head united create a better world.

The symbolism in this cartoon is rooted in the Science of the Seven Rays—the seven primary energies that condition everything that exists in our universe.  In the Ageless Wisdom there are said to be seven streams of energy or force, each of which expresses a unique aspect of divinity and serves a unique purpose in the creative process.  The table below illustrates how the rays influence the human personality.


Einstein, in the cartoon above, is presenting the idea that two of the rays in combination (II & V) will lead to a new reality.  As the caption says:

 Heart and head united create a better world!

This is a central tenet of the wisdom teachings.  When the heart opens and love (Ray II) begins to flow through us, and when the energy of love influences the way we think (Ray V), we become conduits (Ray VII) for higher inspiration in service to the world.  The capacities of mind and heart working synergistically in a human being evoke that creative inspiration.

In the table above, Ray II (love-wisdom) is represented by the “Wise Teacher”—the individual who embodies soul energies.  The Roman numeral II signifies the two poles (or pillars) of creation—spirit and matter.  As in the glyph for Gemini, these “poles” appear to be separate but are, in esoteric astrology, related through the unseen force of love.  Love is the attractive, magnetic force that infuses the conscious soul.  It is of a higher vibration than the mind, which the soul uses to bring ideas into the world of form.
Ray V is the energy of the mind, symbolized by the bespectacled Scientist-Researcher in the ray table.  This Ray governs Mind at every level—from abstract to concrete.  The V-shaped funnel above the head of the cartoon scientist illustrates the path that ideas take as they descend into the mind from subtler (more abstract) to denser (more concrete) levels.

Originating in spiritual realms, ideas descend from the formless realm into the realm of form, taking on subtle (mental) form as they enter the mind to become “thought-forms.”  As they descend downward, the funnel (V) narrows.  Thoughts become sufficiently focused and concrete to be registered in the physical brain.  Ray V acts as an opening through which higher inspiration can pour into the mind of the creative thinker.  Albert Einstein exemplified the enhanced capacity of the individual whose mind is aligned with the heart in service to a greater good.

The Roman numeral VII—combining Mind (V) and Heart (II)—conveys this idea of heart-mind alignment symbolically.  In the science of the Rays, the number seven signifies the process of manifestation through which spirit and matter combine to form the physical world.  Ray VII symbolizes Spirit (the Life Force itself) imbuing form with “living energy.”  In the human being, the fusion of heart and mind reflects this process of “creation” on a microcosmic level.  Individuals who align with their higher nature contribute to the spiritualization of the planet by becoming vehicles through which the light of higher awareness can enter the world. 

The equal sign in this cartoon suggests how the “better world” will come into being.  In esoteric astrology Aquarius (h) is ruled by Ray VII—the Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic.  The energies of both the constellation Aquarius, and the Seventh Ray that governs it, are related to “the magic of manifestation.”  Their combined effect can be seen at work in all who are awakening to the soul’s higher purpose and working for the common good.   Over the next two millennia—as the Age of Aquarius unfolds—it is prophesied that humanity will fulfill its destiny by bringing spirit into matter through the fusion of mind and heart, thereby creating “heaven on earth.”



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