Fifth Kingdom ~ New World

"In due course of time scientists will recognise that every kingdom in nature
is linked and entered when the units of that kingdom become radioactive...
 A hint suffices for those who have eyes to see..."

Initiation Human and Solar

"There is increasing evidence of things unseen as yet by most,
but which are becoming apparent to the watchful."  
                                                                 Call from The Mountain

The Fifth Kingdom
and The New World

Messages on bumper stickers can be lighted windows into the consciousness of our times.  A poignant one, recently spotted on the car of a dog-lover, took the form of a question: “Who rescued whom?”  The car’s owner had evidently rescued a dog from an animal shelter and the dog, in turn, had salvaged him or her from distress.  It was a frank, public acknowledgment of the gratitude that many people feel for the love of their animal companions.

But that bumper sticker holds an even more revealing message in the light of the modern wisdom teachings.  These teachings state that as the Aquarian Age unfolds, new relationships will form among the five kingdoms of nature on our planet—mineral, plant, animal, human and spiritual.  Closer bonds between advanced representatives of one kingdom and members of the next will nurture the latent potentials in each, propelling the evolution of consciousness within the entire web of planetary life.   

Recent examples of this phenomenon can be seen in relationships between human beings and dogs, which began tens of thousands of years ago when humans were hunter-gatherers.  Currently, in certain parts of the world there are still people who raise dogs as food sources, or try to eliminate them as pests.  But in other places dogs have literally become ‘man’s best friend.’  And through interactions with humans some dogs have developed previously unimagined potentials, exhibiting an “ability to solve complex problems and [that] they are more like humans and other higher primates than previously thought.”  (ScienceDaily)

Unprecedented behaviors and capacities have also appeared in other species and kingdoms through the stimulation of human intelligence.  It was recently discovered, for example, that chimpanzees can learn to cook their food and that bonobos can learn to compose music on computer keyboards.  Plants can be bred to produce food in drought conditions and in soils depleted by toxins.  Minerals can be used to amplify human thought and irradiate denser materials used in advanced technologies.

The Imploding Light of Higher Consciousness

Discoveries like these, increasingly common in recent years, continue to evoke surprise.  Yet what lies behind them remains little understood.  These are not isolated or random occurrences but are part of a divine Plan that was long ago set in motion. They are effects of the cosmic energies streaming into our Earth as part of a Grand Design to accelerate the evolution of consciousness in all kingdoms of planetary life. And just as human minds are sparking latent intelligence within the lesser realms, the light of divine minds within the 5th kingdom has been pouring into our own, stirring the latent potential within the 4thkingdom.


In fact, it was members of the next kingdom who began, a century and a half ago, to provide humanity with esoteric teachings that explain what is currently happening in our world and why.  The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, writing through his amanuensis, Alice Bailey, revealed that as the Age of Aquarius continues to unfold over the next two thousand years, a new dimension of life will emerge on our planet. A higher kingdom will come into being through humanity's development of its divine potentials in cooperation with the spiritual kingdom.  In keeping with the divine Plan, our ancient human longings for a kingdom of heaven on earth will ultimately be fulfilled.  

The secret to materializing this Plan lies hidden within the human Soul, whose awakening is, by some accounts, the most remarkable news of our time.  Achieving the goal of creating a heaven on earth will depend upon unleashing the dormant capacities of the soul—a higher aspect of mind that awakens the intuition—and dedicating these energies to building a bridge of light between seen and unseen worlds, linking the divine and the human, the higher and lower realms.

By closing the gap between the 4th and 5th kingdoms, humanity will activate a living chain of planetary consciousness, enabling the descent of divine energies into the lifestream of the planet.  The light, love and purposes of God—the Planetary Logos—will flow into all of its tributaries.  As divine ideas propelling the forces of evolution become rooted in human minds and hearts, a new civilization will arise.  Illumined by spiritual Beings, imbued with the love and wisdom of the human Soul, it will be a world embodying justice, freedom, responsibility, compassion, grace, beauty, harmony, and peace.

From our present vantage point, it would seem to require a great leap of faith to envision such a future.  Yet, what the wisdom teachings foretell about the coming age has already begun to materialize.  We can observe it, as mentioned, in evolving relations between humanity and the lesser kingdoms.  And we can also observe it, 'with eyes to see,' in new tendrils of connection between humanity and the spiritual kingdom.  The soul's awakening is merely the first stage of a transformative process that leads inexorably, over time, into living contact with the Kingdom of Souls.  

This, too, was long foreseen by Those who guide the planet’s evolution.  The unprecedented expansion of consciousness currently underway was actually guaranteed some 21 million years ago, when a spark of divine mind was implanted in the highest animals of the time.  That spark gave birth to the 4th kingdom in nature and ensured that we would—once the lower self was sufficiently satiated by experience in this ‘vale of life’—awaken to the higher Self, the Soul, an agent of divine light and of love.  And by sensing the love that underlies the illusory appearances of the outer world, it was also ensured that the soul would find its way to the path that leads to the source of this Love, dwelling in the subtle Heart Center of our planet—the Kingdom of Souls, the biblical Kingdom of Heaven.

And now, standing on the cusp of a new age in these extraordinary times, we are discovering the actuality of this higher realm.  For the first time in the evolution of our race, the existence of a higher kingdom is becoming validated from within, by more than the lone individual, as it was in times past.  The imploding light of higher consciousness is spreading among souls who walk the Path that transforms one’s identity from matter into spirit. Along this path, the dedicated seeker comes to know that higher Beings in unseen realms are actively nurturing our latent capacities for love, wisdom and responsiveness to divine purpose—preparing us to play our part in the actualization of a new world.

A Downpouring of Spiritual Light

Our knowledge of these enlightened Beings comes largely from the wisdom teachings provided by Them on the eve of this momentous turning-point in history.  Called by many names—Masters of Wisdom, the Brotherhood of Light, Guides of the Race, the Spiritual Hierarchy—we can grasp who they are most easily as ‘graduates’ of the human experience.  Having mastered the lessons of this dense physical plane, they now dwell in a realm of higher frequencies where they serve as custodians of the evolutionary Plan for our planet and as guides of humanity.

Their ranks are filled with the Great Ones of all times whose light has inspired the birth of world religions, esoteric and philosophical teachings, and all the significant advances in human evolution.  Until now, the gap between Their place in evolution and ours has made Them appear to us as a different species.  But at this new stage in evolution we’re being asked, by Them, to realize that the perfected, enlightened Beings of the 5th kingdom emerged from our own, the 4th, under the same Laws of Evolution that govern every seeker on the Path of Return to the Spiritual Source.  At present, while They work to stimulate our awareness, some are also preparing to emerge into visible form as Elder Brothers and enlightened leaders of the new era.

The readiness of advanced souls to recognize such truths is highlighted in a new book, Spiritual Telepathy, itself a sign of our times.  The title refers to an emergent ability among spiritual pioneers to achieve a level of subtle communication that transcends instinctual and mental telepathy.  Based on the Science of the Soul in the Ageless Wisdom the author, Coleen Mauro, explains how the soul learns to ‘weave’ a bridge of light—the antahkarana or inner instrument—to contact the next kingdom.  By practicing the purifying, transforming disciplines of the Path, the aspirant becomes aligned with the soul’s purpose, vibratorily resonant with those on the inner planes, and able to evoke a downpouring of spiritual light in service to humanity and the evolutionary Plan.

Every soul who builds the inner bridge of light enables an aspect of the divine plan to flow into human awareness and become anchored on Earth.  Recently, a series of messages from a member of the spiritual Hierarchy were transmitted across such a bridge to a group of disciples seeking to serve the Plan.  The messages, published as Call from The Mountainconvey the closeness and livingness of the spiritual Hierarchy, inviting seekers to glimpse the coming new world.  A fiery call to attune to the realm of life that harbors our future, it urges us to cooperate with the next kingdom, even now, to establish this new world of the Aquarian Age. 

Nancy Seifer

June 2015

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