Artists & The Flow of Spirit


"Inspiration does not come like a bolt,
 nor is it kinetic striving,
but it comes to us slowly and quietly and all the time."

Brenda Ueland  (1891-1985)

Artists and the Flow of Spirit into the World



Anyone who thinks about the reality of the coming age, as opposed to the concept of it, will likely stumble upon some bewildering questions.  One might wonder, to begin with, what the substance and quality of life will be like in a civilization and culture born of an awakening human race.  How will it be to live in a world where people are learning to attune to subtler energies and forces?  How will these spiritual forces affect our sense of purpose and creative expression—as individuals, groups and societies? 

Through a chance encounter with an artist in the spring of 2009, I discovered how much the life of an artist, who is conscious of working with subtle energies, can tell us about our future.  Brilliant colors streaming from the paintings of Ray Hart (Rayhart) caught my eye at an outdoor art fair and made me want to talk with the artist about how he works.  Soon thereafter, I was led by circumstance to meet two other Virginia artists whose works stirred something in me—Fred Kahler and Patti Chisholm.  I later interviewed all three to learn what the creative process of spiritually sensitive artists might reveal about the coming era.  (See below.)

What came through clearly was that these artists had found a way to consciously connect with the flow of spirit.  When doing their best work, each is aware of being “plugged in” to the current of energy that not only inspires, but also nurtures and heals.  Each has discovered how to “flip the switch” and access the living stream that is always present yet inaccessible until one learns how to tap into it.  Meditators can learn this through spiritual practice.  Inspired painters, sculptors, writers and poets often make this connection more intuitively.  And through the works of visual artists, like the ones below, we can see the fruits of this process.

From the wisdom teachings we know that in the future, as the soul of humanity evolves and the new civilization unfolds, awakened souls will become conduits of spirit in unique ways.  The shared motivation will increasingly be to serve the common good, as that is the basic urge of the soul aware of its interrelatedness with all.  The outer persona, which has served as our human identity from deep in the mists of time, will become merely the vehicle for the soul’s expression.  Imagine a world where teachers, scientists, inventors, doctors, healers, architects, designers, political leaders—people in every sphere of life—are consciously in touch with the flow of higher energy. 

As you view the works of these three artists and read about the source of their inspiration, please keep that vision in mind.  One can find in their words many hints of what has been predicted for the new Aquarian civilization and the culture that will be spawned by the emerging soul of humanity.

Nancy Seifer
October 2009




Click on the paintings to 'hear' the artists voices and see their work. 


           Rayhart        Fred Kahler       Patti Chisholm


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