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      Just after the last world war, nearly 80 years ago, an admonition was issued to humanity by a Master of Wisdom.  Writing through his amanuensis, Alice A. Bailey, the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, told his students that in order to avoid another planetary catastrophe, it was imperative for humanity to recognize the fact that behind the outer world of physical appearances there lies a world of spiritual realities.  Only through this recognition could we set the world on a new course. 

   Three spiritual realities were emphasized by the Tibetan Master.  The first is the existence of the Soul — the higher self of the human being which realizes, upon awakening, that all lives are part of an indivisible whole.  The second reality, perceived in the growing light of the soul, is that a divine Plan is working out, bringing light out of darkness and good out of evil through the evolution of consciousness.  The third reality is that there exists a hierarchy of enlightened Beings on our planet who dwell within a fifth kingdom in nature — the spiritual kingdom or Kingdom of Souls — and who are responsible for working out the evolutionary plan. They do this, in large measure, by impressing receptive human minds with ideas that will foster the creation of a new world.
      The awakened soul recognizes that we are not alone and that a Grand Design is working out.  The more these realities take root in human minds, the greater will be our chances of defeating the forces of darkness and of anchoring the emerging forces of light. 

     Toward this end, we would like to bring your attention to several articles on these subjects that were written for this website.  While all the essays and art works on this site reflect the light of the souls who graciously contributed them (starting in 2008), the articles in the list below are targeted to the urgency of this time of transition into a new world.  

      In the love and light of the One Soul,

      Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg



Three Recognitions

The Soul

The Spiritual Hierarchy

The Plan

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