Gathering Wave Press




Gathering Wave Press is a micro press founded in 2008 with the publication of the groundbreaking book, When the Soul Awakens:  The Path to Spiritual Evolution and a New World Era Its purpose is to promote a vision of humanity’s future based on wisdom teachings for these times. 

When the Soul Awakens has brought a deeper understanding of the current shift in human consciousness to thousands of readers worldwide.  Called “a classic” in its genre, it lucidly articulates universal principles at the heart of all true paths to higher consciousness. 

While considering further publications, we have created a website that offers a substantial and growing collection of articles and artworks related to the theme of ageless wisdom for a new era.






The name of this press is evocative of the gathering wave of souls who are awakening to the reality of their higher nature in this time of transition into a new era.  As this worldwide group expands and their numbers grow, we anticipate the birth of a new spiritual culture and civilization.  The purpose of this micro press and website is to shed light on the change in consciousness now underway.

IPG (Independent Publishers Group) is the distributor of When the Soul Awakens and future publications from Gathering Wave Press.

When the Soul Awakens is available in print and ebook formats.  When visiting IPG, search for the title using lower case letters.



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