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"Every once in awhile a book comes along that is the definitive work of research, eloquence and skillful attunement to the subject at hand.  When the Soul Awakens is such a book.  It is a brilliant work and one that should be in every home and community library.  It is now my go-to book for inspiration, wonder and understanding of the human condition." 
- Rolland G. Smith — Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist and poet

"This is a wonderful and deeply spiritual book. It transcends the usual sectarian divisions of organized religions by presenting the spiritual evolution of the soul in terms of a divine synthesis. With every word you can feel the love and wisdom of the authors uplifting the spirit and renewing our faith in the universal spiritual path. This book not only traces the golden thread of spiritual evolution that runs through so many cultures, religions, and forms of literature, it reveals it as a single spiritual impulse from a common divine origin." 
- Dorje Jinpa — Author, Sensa, and teacher

"If you’re really interested in actively participating in the coming evolutionary jump for humanity, you have a choice.  You can either read this book and quickly see the clear integrated picture of what most all esoteric spiritual sources say is happening to us all, or you can read this book and allow it to make sense of all of what you have been studying for all of these years.  Whether this is the beginning of your quest or the end, When The Soul Awakens will rapidly stitch together many separate threads into a wonderfully written tapestry that not only illuminates the past, but also shines a bright light on what is on the horizon and how you can transcend the certain disruption of the coming years.  This is a very special, extraordinarily valuable volume for anyone who wants to actively participate in the biggest event in our history."
- John L. Petersen — Editor, FutureEdition and author

"When the Soul Awakens is an affirmation of the real spiritual potential that is within each of us and within the world.  Most importantly, it emphasizes the experience of the oneness of life that belongs to spiritual awakening.  It also takes us beyond individual awakening to the evolution of global consciousness, a new era of oneness that is awaiting us.  This book sends a message of joy and hope to the soul."
- Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee — Author, The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul

"This book deserves to become a classic in esoteric philosophy.  It's thrilling to see how the authors have woven together the esoteric and ageless wisdom traditions with the arts and letters of the ages.  From Emerson and Steiner to Buddha and Rumi, the Kabalah and yoga, Plato and Dante, St. Francis and John Paul II, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky -- there is a taste of wisdom from each major branch on the tree of knowledge.  This is the best book showcasing the work of Alice Bailey and the Tibetan Master that I've read to date."
- J.S. Bakula, Ph.D. — Psychologist, author and lecturer

"Among countless attempts to bring awareness of the spiritual underpinnings of life to the thinking public, When the Soul Awakens is outstanding.  It builds a bridge to intellectuals of goodwill who are on the verge of awakening or have recently found the Light.  This book is a must-read for closing gaps in understanding and lending confidence to those who are finding their way into the uncharted but irresistible new territory of the Soul.  The authors will attract the gratitude of many for years to come."
- Gloria Crook — President, The School of Ageless Wisdom

"When the Soul Awakens is a clear and intelligent synthesis of the ageless wisdom teachings that is very accessible to those new to this wisdom, as well as long time students.  The authors provide an in-depth understanding of the nature of the soul, from Plato and Emerson to Teilhard de Chardin and Gary Zukav.  Their brilliant insights illuminate the mysteries of the spiritual path and how we can each find our higher purpose and aid humanity at this time of world crisis."
- Corinne McLaughlin — Author, The Practical Visionary

"When the Soul Awakens provides a rich introduction to esoteric teachings known broadly as the Ageless Wisdom.  The mind and heart of humanity are undergoing a profound transformation at this time. The insights of esotericism give a unique perspective that can help us deepen our cooperation with the evolutionary changes.  This book has much to say to the modern seeker who, inspired by the wholeness vision which comes from the soul, wants to enter into that vision."
- Steve Nation — Writer and Co-founder, Intuition in Service

"When the Soul Awakens
makes a wonderful contribution to the current of spirituality that is sweeping the modern world.  The authors draw upon ancient teachings, religion, science, and literature to present an exciting view of humanity’s expanding consciousness.  Particularly valuable is the integration of ideas from 19th- and early 20th-century Russian literature which, in many ways, were prophetic of the new spirituality of the 21st century.”
- John F. Nash, Ph.D. — Historian and author, The Soul and Its Destiny

"I did not think it was possible:  a summary of the esoteric world view for today.  I mean really -- the authors of this book have done it.  They've summed up all the themes I've been hearing about for 15 years now.  From the effect of music on plants to the Age of Aquarius, it all gets explained and integrated into one big scheme of Everything...  Add to that a comprehensive look at Western Civilization, and a drop of Eastern philosophy, and the result is a book to give to people who are seriously interested in spirituality, but don't know where to start."
- Squidoo SquidLit Spirituality (Katinka Hesselink)

"When the Soul Awakens
is a rare and welcome book.  The authors have done the near impossible — they have distilled the meaning of centuries of accumulated spiritual wisdom from a multiplicity of sources—familiar and unfamiliar—and presented it in clear and succint language.  Their exceptional facility for synthesizing this deep and complex knowledge is a rare gift for those familiar with the knowledge, as well as for those approaching it for the first time."
- Lamar Carter — Past President, International Center for Integrative Studies (ICIS)

"This work is truly soul food for people who are hungry for spiritual truth.  The authors tackle the question of what it means to be alive at this awesome moment in history, bringing to light the inherent opportunity for spiritual seekers.  They have synthesized the essences of the Ageless Wisdom in a way that invites and informs people new to the teachings as well as long-time students.  This book will fuel the powerful undercurrent of transformation in the world today."
- Susan MacNeil, Ph.D. — Psychologist and student of the Ageless Wisdom

"This book is fascinating and enlightening.  It’s a treasure trove of information that demystifies the nature of the soul and spiritual experience.  It is so informative, and so carefully and thoughtfully laid out, that it could be used as an introductory text in a course on the Ageless Wisdom.  For many seekers who are moving from the realm of the rational, concrete mind into the more mystical realm of intuitive knowing, it will provide much needed validation.  This book not only informs, it also inspires.”
- Nancy Wait — Artist and author

“This book presents a unique perspective on the human soul and the spiritual path.  It offers a rich experience to the reader, as the authors draw on a great variety of sources about the deeper truths of existence.  The book offers a vision of both the great diversity and the universality of humanity’s experience of the soul and its evolutionary journey.  For readers new to esoteric wisdom it will be interesting, challenging, and highly rewarding.”
- Irene Seeland, M.D. — Psychiatrist and author, Fire on the Mountain

"When the Soul Awakens presents a vast range of information about the spiritual path in clear and understandable prose.  It offers an accurate and well-researched overview of the thinking of many of the world’s great mystics.  Karma and reincarnation are discussed in ways that make it apparent that these beliefs are not wacky and eccentric, but genuine spiritual principles widely followed throughout the ages by many different cultures.  The book’s non-dogmatic and objective approach to truth, and its analysis of world developments through “an esoteric eye,” make it worth reading more than once.  It is ideal for sharing the experience of the spiritual path with others."
- Christine Townend — Author and artist

"When the Soul Awakens is one of the most important books I’ve ever read.  Everyone should read it.  Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg are experienced and welcome guides for spiritual pilgrims.  In their timely and illuminating book, they extend a helping hand to awakening souls.  They cast a warm and energetic light on the sometimes shadowy and always difficult path to spiritual evolution—a path where the flame of the soul first flickers in a mystical mist, then grows to completeness to dance in the spiritual rain.”
- Tony Haas — Author

When the Soul Awakens is engaging, intelligent and highly informative.  It takes an inclusive approach to spirituality that breaks down the barriers between religions and highlights what is universal.  The authors enrich our lives with their presentation of the ageless wisdom."
- Jackie Durham — Science editor

“This extraordinary work is just what is needed by those awakening to a higher stage of consciousness.  Through the perspective of the Ageless Wisdom, the authors illuminate the mysteries of spiritual evolution in a way that reassures those who are starting their journeys that they are following in an ancient tradition; that there is a growing body of seekers who are on the same path; and that it is the birthright of all human beings to become co-creators with God.”
- Jean Boston — Publisher, Willow Way Press

"...When the Soul Awakens will expand the reader's understanding of the conditions by which the Way can be followed.  It is particularly suited to the intelligent, searching inquirer but even those who consider themselves well-read in esotericism will find illumination in the many insights expressed with precision and thoughtful understanding of the joys and challenges of the spiritual Path."
- The Beacon — A magazine of esoteric philosophy


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